Emmanuel Holcroft photo

Emmanuel Holcroft

Ronin Technician

Emmanuel is a highly skilled technician, knowing the Ronin 2 and the Movi Pro for over 3 years and in 2021, he learnt how mount them onto drones (along with
building and flying them too!). His extensive knowledge and experience can get you the best results on-set. Whether that is quick transitions from handheld to pursuit vehicles, or fine-tuning the motors for a buttery-smooth performance.


Production Director of Photography Camera Operator Additional Information
Mechanical S2 (HE-TV)Baz Irvine BSC/ Oliver DowneyTom Wilkinson/ Jess DoxeyRonin Tech
The Gentlemen (HE-TV)Callan GreenWill RothDrone Gimbal Tech
Back in ActionKen SengWill RothDrone Gimbal Tech
EA Sports - Allies Suki MokSuki MokRonin Tech with Black Arm
RunMolly Manning-WalkerMolly Manning-WalkerRonin Tech with Black Arm
Virgin AtlanticJames KilpatrickJamie KeithRonin Technician
Broadgate App.Jamie KeithWill Vince Ronin Technician / Operator

Additional Information

  • Employment: Gimbal Technician at Feral 2019-2021 
  • FPV Pilot | A2 CofC Licensed
  • Experience with: Ronin 2, Movi Pro, RS3, Zhiyn Crane 2, Flowcine Black Arm