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Garry Clemo


Garry became a Grip Trainee in February 2019 through the 'Help for Heroes' scheme due to his background in the British Army. He is hard-working and has adapted to working long hours under pressure, and particularly enjoys the engineering aspect of being a Grip.

A Member of BECTU and the Grip's Branch, Garry is committed to achieving his L2 NVQ in the near future.

Feature Films

Production Director Director of Photography Additional Information
The Gentleman Nima nNourizadeh Bjorn Charpentier Grip Dailies, KG Terry Williams
Unicorns w/tSally El HosainiDavid RaedekerAdditional Grip , dailies
The Great Escaper Oliver parkerChristopher Ross BSCKey Grip
I Hate Suzie 2Dawn ShadforthPatrick MellerB Cam Grip Dailies, KG Paul Kemp
Greatest DaysCoky GiedroycMike Eley BSCB Cam Grip Dailies ,KG Warwick Drucker
Damsel Steven HallSteven HallGrip Dailies 2nd unit
Departure Point Christina Raisea MurphyKorsshan SchlauerKey Grip Dailies, Short Film
GoldaGuy NattivJasper WolfB Cam Grip Dailies, KG: Warwick Drucker
Enola Holmes 2Harry BradbeerHamish Doyne-DitmasB Cam Grip Dailies, KG: Rupert Lloyd-Parry
Fisherman's Friends 2Meg Leonard | Nick MoorcroftToby MooreGrip Trainee, KG: Renny Borthwick
Belfast Kenneth Branagh Harris ZambarloukosGrip Trainee Dailies, KG: Malcolm Huse
The DukeRoger Michell Mike Eley BSCGrip Trainee, KG: Sergio Bernuzzi
Death on the NileKenneth Branagh Harris ZambarloukosGrip Trainee Dailies, KG: Malcolm Huse
The DigSimon StoneMike Eley BSCGrip Trainee, KG: Sergio Bernuzzi
Enola Holmes 1Harry BradbeerGiles NuttgensGrip Trainee Dailies, KG: John Morris

TV / Dramas

Production Director Director of Photography Additional Information
Beaumont Mary NighyKaname OnoyamaC cam ,KG Flelix foster dailies
The Outlaws S2Curtis vowell Nick MartinB cam grip , KG Gary Shepard
Dreaming Whilst black Koby AdomNathalie PittersB cam grip , KG ian ogen, dailies
Dreamland Ellie HeydonRob KitzmannKey Grip
The Ballad of Renegade NellBen TaylorOli RusselGrip , Dailies, KG : Philip Heale
Culprits Claire OakleyPhilipp Blaubach BSCC Cam Grip ,Dailies ,KG Chris Rusby
Better ThingsPamela AdlonPaul KoestnerB Cam Grip Dailies, KG: Suellen Meidell
The BabyVariousKate Reid BSCGrip, KG: James Powell
Queens of MysteryIan EmesSara DeaneGrip Trainee Dailies, KG: Renny Broadwick
The Thief, His Wife and the CanoeRichard LaxtonSergio DelgadoGrip Trainee, KG: James Powell
Call The MidwifeDavid O'NeillGareth HughesGrip Trainee, KG: Del Strachan
Silent WitnessVariousSean Van HalesGrip Trainee, KG: Gary Norman

Commercials / Promos

Production Production Company Director of Photography Additional Information
Wicked Universal Jeffery kellyGrip , KG Suellen Meidell
BBC Children in need Anonymous content Ben Fordsman Key Grip
Music videoZomdic filmsBen fordsmanKey grip
WickedUniversal Jeffery kellyGrip
Closer to Truth (Doco)Getzels Gordon Tony MillerKey Grip
Cancer Research PrettybirdNick morris Key Grip
BadooUnfold fableBeatriz BamraKey Grip
Micheal KorsMAI productions Minka Farthy Grip , KG Paul Synnott
Martini Fiero Dark MarketFlare ProductionsCharlie HerranzGrip , KG Mark Morley
Prime VideoWall of ProductionJack EdmondsKey Grip
LinkedInAgile FilmsDiana OlifirovaKey Grip
Apple Music AwardsPulse FilmsJames RhodesKey Grip
WalkersHungrymanHarris ZambarloukosB Cam Grip, KG: Keith Mead
NintendoSmugglerRichard MottGrip Trainee, KG: Andy Sauer
NHSSweet ShopPatrick MellerGrip Trainee, KG: Andy Sauer
WalkersOutsiderTheo GarlandGrip Trainee, KG: Del Strachan
Sky QFrameworkBenjamin ToddGrip Trainee, KG: Mark Morley


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