Duncan  Steven photo

Duncan Steven

Grip NVQ 2 Certified

Duncan has been gripping full-time since 2014.

His credits include: 'Dr. Strange 2' 'Fast&Furious9' 'Justice League' and 'The Crown'

Graduated from Sunderland University in 2013 with First Class Honours.

Now certified: NVQ level 2

Based in West London

Features / TV Drama

Production Director of Photography Production Company Position
Batgirl (Main Unit) FeatureJohn Mathieson BSCAmerican Night Prod. LtdCrane Grip
Secret Invasion (2nd Unit)Matt WindonGrass-fed productions Ltd.Crane/Rigging GripTechnocrane 50'
Masters of the Air (2nd Unit)Adam Arkapaw ASC. SDTA productions ltd.Rigging GripVolume Plane Rigging
Citadel (2nd Unit) DailiesOliver Longcraine BSC. Amalgamated Pictures Ltd. Crane Grip
Together (TV Feature)Iain StruthersArty films Ltd.Key Grip
Dr Strange 2 (Feature)John Mathieson BSCMarvelCrane GripHydroscope 43 + 73'
The Nevers (TV)Seamus McGarvey ASC, BSCHBOB Cam Grip
Fast & Furious 9 (Main + Splinter)Rigging Grip
The Crown (TV) DailiesLEFT BANK PICTURES.Grip
Blithe Spirit (Feature)Ed Wild BSC.Blithe Spirit Prod. Ltd.B Cam Grip
Little Birds: Series 1 (Sky)Ed RutherfordWarp FilmsB Cam Grip
The Capture: Series 1 (NBC)Rasmus ArrildtHTVP Ltd.B Cam Grip
The Crown: Series 3 (Queen Unit)Adriano Goldman BSC. LBP The Crown Series 3 LtdGrip Dailies
Untitled NPX (ITV drama)Ben WheelerRaptor Pictures LtdB Cam Grip
Black Mirror: Ep. SmithereensLukas StrebelBlack Mirror Drama S5 ltd.B Cam Grip
Untitled: Jack & Ellie (feature)Chris Ross BSC.Three Act. PicturesC Cam Grip Dailies
Artemis Fowl: 2nd UnitHaris Zambarloukos BSC.Time Freeze Prod. C Cam Grip Dailies
Fantastic Beasts 2: Ad.PhotographyPhillipee Rousellot ASC. Triton Films Ltd.C Cam Grip Dailies
Game Of Thrones: Wolf UnitJohnathan Freeman Fire & BloodGrip Dailies
Waiting For Anya (Feature)Gerry VasbenterGoldfinch Studios.B Cam Grip
Press: 2nd Unit/SplinterBjørn Ståle BratbergOff Stone Prod.Key Grip
Deep State S1David Higgs/ Nic LawsonEndor ProductionsB Cam Grip/KG: Steve Pugh
Justice League: Additional PhotographyJean-Philippe GossartDena Films Ltd.Grip/KG: David Maund
Mary Poppins ReturnsAlan StewartCheery Tree Lane ProductionsGrip Dailies: 2nd Unit/KG: Steve Ellingworth
Darkest HourBruno Debonnel ASCWorKing Title FilmsB Cam Grip Dailies
The Crown S2Adriano Goldman BSCLeft Bank PicturesB Cam Grip Dailies
You, Me and HimTony ColdwellBig Thumb ProductionsB Cam Grip Dailies/KG: Dan Inman
Mr Selfridge S4Tony ColdwellITV StudiosB Cam Grip Dailies/KG: Dan Inman
The Legend of Barney ThomsonFabian Wagner BSCLM Barney Thomson LtdB Camera Grip
Justice LeagueFabian Wagner BSCDena FilmsGrip Trainee /KG: Steve Ellingworth
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Reshoots)Alan StewartWigram ProductionsGrip Trainee /KG: Guy Bennett
Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find ThemPhilippe Rousselot AFC, ASC Heyday FilmsGrip Trainee Dailies /KG: Steve Ellingworth
King Arthur: Legend of the SwordJohn Mathieson BSCWigram ProductionsGrip Trainee /KG: Steve Ellingworth
Criminal: 2nd UnitFraser TaggartCriminal ProductionsGrip Trainee Dailies /KG: Sam Philips
London Has FallenEd Wild BSCLHF FilmsGrip Trainee Dailies /KG: Russell Diamond
Hank Zipper S2Craig FeatherKindle EntertainmentGrip Trainee Dailies /KG: Dan Inman
Man from U.N.C.L.EJohn Mathieson BSCElementary ProductionsGrip Trainee Dailies /KG: Steve Ellingworth
Pan: 2nd UnitAlan StewartBerlanti ProductionsGrip Trainee Dailies /KG: Steve Ellingworth
Atlantis S2Ashley Rowe BSCUrban Myth FilmsGrip Trainee Dailies /KG: Craig Atkinson
Outlander S1Martin Furher BSCLeft Bank PicturesGrip Trainee /KG: Tim Critchell
Cucumber S1Jake Polonsky BSCRed ProductionsGrip Trainee Block 1 /KG: Dan Inman
Sunset SongMichael McDonough BSC, ASCHurrican FilmsGrip Trainee (Scotland) /KG: Pascal Charlier
Foyles War S8Tony ColdwellEleventh Hour FilmsGrip Trainee /KG: Josh Close
DCI Banks S3Tony ColdwellLeft Bank PicturesGrip Trainee /KG: Dan Inman
Sunshine on LeithGeorge Richmond BSCBlack Camal PicturesGrip Trainee /KG: Josh Close
Vera S4Adam Suschitzky BSCIndependent Television Grip Trainee /KG: Dan Inman
Wolfblood S2Tony ColdwellBBCGrip Trainee /KG: Dan Inman
The Dumping GroundChris GoodgerBBCGrip Trainee /KG: Josh Close

Commercials / Promo / Shorts

Production Director of Photography Production Company Position
Ford E-TransitMatt ShawCrane Grip
Mo Salah: VodaphonePierre MouarkechMadam Films Ltd.B Cam Grip
Krubic By Candlelight (Short)Stil WilliamsRedmond Barry FilmsKey Grip
Noga Erez 'PityBen WearingAgile FilmsKey Grip
Motherland (Short)Gareth Hughes ACOChrystal AbyssKey Grip
BT: Action Hero TVCRob Hardy BSCCaviar ContentB Camera Grip
Mirror of Us (Short)Pete BattenSpectrecom FilmsKey Grip
Haig Club Whiskey: David Beckham TVCJohn Mathieson BSCIndependent FilmsGrip Trainee /KG: Steve Ellingworth