David Miller photo

David Miller

Grip NVQ 2 Certified

David started his Grip career as a Trainee in 2015 and has been trained and worked alongside some of the best grips in the industry on features, TV dramas commercials and promos.

David stepped-up in 2018 and has has recently completed his Level 2 qualification in April 2023.

APA Shooting Guidelines Pass / ScreenSkills COVID 19 Certificate

Film / TV Drama

Production Production Company Director of Photography Additional Information
Geek GirlRuby Red Productions Tim Palmer BSCB Cam Grip KG: Paul KempJune 2023-Aug 2023
Rings of Power season 2Amazon Productions Alex Dissent of ASC ,Jean Philippe Gossard ,Laurie Rose BSCB Cam Grip KG: Tony Fabian Nov 2022-Apr 2023
Mechanical Season 1Silo 13 Productions/Apple TV Mark Patton, David Luther,Laurie Rose BSC B Cam Grip KG: Tony FabianAug 2021-June 2022
The Great Season 2Yekaterina UK Ltd Maja Zamojda BSC B Cam Grip KG: Tony FabianNov 2020-July 2021
Pennyworth Season 2, Block 3/4Shoe Bucket LtdSi Bell BSCB Cam Grip KG: Paul KempSept 2020-Nov 2020
Intergalactic Tiger AspectGary ShawB Cam Grip KG: Paul Kempsept 2019-March 2020
A Christmas CarolMinim UK ProductionsSi Bell BSCB Cam Grip/Best Boy KG: P Kemp
Harlots S3Monumental TelevisionNicola Daley BSC ACSGrip Dailies KG: Kylie Stubbs
Britannia S2Britannia TVSam HeasmanB Cam Grip KG: James Powell
Britannia S2Britannia TVSi Bell BSCgrip Trainee KG: Paul Kemp
Outlaw King Sigma FilmsBarry Ackroyd BSCGrip Dailies KG: Tom North
Black Earth RisingBBC DramaHubert TaczanowskiGrip Trainee KG: Paul Kemp
Hard SunBBC DramaSi Bell BSCGrip Trainee KG: Paul Kemp
Show DogsOpen Road FilmsDavid MackieGrip Trainee KG: Paul Kemp
The WifeSilver Reel / Sony ClassicsUlf BrantåsGrip Trainee KG: Luke Stone
In Darkness42 / XYZ FilmsSi Bell BSCGrip Trainee KG: Paul Kemp
EVEBBC DramaGeorge GeddesGrip Trainee KG: Dave Morrison
Black Mirror: Hated in the NationNETFLIXLukas StrebalGrip Trainee KG: Dave Holliday
Black Mirror: Men Against FireNETFLIXRuben ImpensGrip Trainee KG: Dave Holliday
Outlander (Dailies)STARZNeville KiddGrip Trainee KG: Tim Critchell
Black Mirror: Shut Up & DanceNETFLIXTim Maurice-JonesGrip Trainee KG: Dave Holliday
The Secret AgentBBC DramaGavin Finney BSCGrip Trainee KG: Robin Stone
Tommy's HonourTimeless FilmsGary ShawGrip Trainee KG: Paul Kemp
London Town Dutch Tilt FilmHubert TaczanowskiGrip Trainee KG: Dan Rees
Stag (Dailies)BBC DramaRob KitzmannGrip Trainee KG: James Powell
Shetland (Dailies)BBC ScotlandTim PalmerGrip Trainee KG: Paul Kemp

Commercials / Promos

Production Production Company Director of Photography Additional Information

Short Films

Production Production Company Director of Photography Additional Information