Mathieu Treacy photo

Mathieu Treacy

Focus Puller / 1st AC

Originally from Canada, Mathieu joined the industry in 2013 and is an accomplished and hardworking member of the camera department. Possessing detailed knowledge of Digital, 16mm and 35mm camera formats with extensive experience in Dramas, Features and commercials. Mathieu stepped up to Focus Puller/1st A.C. in 2021.

Fluent in French & English / Bases in London, Ireland and Canada / Full UK Driver’s Licence.

Feature Films

Title Director of Photography Director Additional Information
Harvest Sean Price WilliamsAthina Rachel Tsangari1st AC- A Camera Arri 416 - Zeiss Ultra Primes
Your Christmas or Mine 2 Stephan Pehrsson BSC Jim O'Hanlon1st AC - B Camera - DailiesAlexa 35- Atlas Orion
Wonka- Loompa UnitJohn SorapurePaul King1st AC - B Camera - DailiesAlexa Mini LF - Leitz Primes
The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold FryKate McCullough ISCHettie Macdonald 1st AC - B Camera - DailiesSony Venice - E7 Black Wing

TV / Drama

Title Director of Photography Director Additional Information
Rivals John Lynch ISCElliot Hegarty1st AC- A Camera - 2nd Unit - DailiesArri Mini LF- Gecko Genesis
Silo -Series 2 Baz Irvine BSC, ISCMichael Dinner1st AC- B Camera- DailiesArri Mini LF- Moviecam Lenses
Belgravia: The Next ChapterAshley Rowe BSCMarisol Adler1st AC- B Camera- Dailies Arri Mini LF - Zeiss Supremes
Surface - Series 2 Jake Polonsky BSCEd Lilly1st AC - B & C Camera - Dailies Sony Venice 2 - K35
Varsity Dan AthertonBrady Hood1st AC - B Camera - DailiesAlexa 35- Panavision Primos
The Burning GirlsZoe Goodwin-StuartCharles Martin 1st AC - A Camera - 2nd Unit - Dailies Red VV Monstro - Zeiss Supremes
Challenge Laurent Barès Jim Loach1st AC - B Camera - DailiesARRI Mini LF- Zeiss Supremes
Call The Midwife - Series 12 & 13 Thomas Hines / Henry Pierce ACS / Toby MooreCorin Campbell Hill1st AC - A & B Camera - DailiesAlexa Mini- Cooke S4
My Lady JaneMaja Zamojda BSC / Gavin Finney BSC Jamie Babbit / Stefan Schwartz 1st AC - B & C Camera - DailiesSony Venice- Cooke S4
The Winter KingAske Alexander Foss DFF Otto Bathurst 1st AC- B Camera - Dailies ARRI Mini LF- Petzval and K35 lenses
Great Expectations Kate Reid BSC - Dan Atherton Brady Hood 1st AC- B Camera - DailiesARRI Mini LF- Zeiss Supremes
Augustus/Disclaimer Bruno Delbonnel ASC, AFCBruno Delbonnel 1st AC - B Cam, splinter unit - DailiesAlexa 35- Zeiss Master Primes
I Hate Suzie - Series 2 - Pick UpsLaurie Rose BSCDawn Shadforth1st AC- B Camera - DailiesARRI Mini LF- E7 Black Wing
Ted Lasso Series 3 David RomMatt Lipsey1st AC- B Camera - DailiesARRI Mini LF- Tokina Lenses
TreasonJean Philippe Gossart AFCSarah O'Gorman1st AC- A Camera - DailiesSony Venice- Scorpio Anamorphic
The Witcher: Blood Origin David LutherAlex Garcia Lopez1st AC- C camera - DailiesSony Venice- Atlas Orion
Extraordinary- Series 1 Carlos CatalánToby MacDonald1st AC- B Camera - DailiesSony Venice- E7 Black Wing
Silo - Series 1 Mark Patten BSC/ David Luther/ Laurie Rose BSCMorten Tyldum / David Semel/ Bert & Bertie/ Adam Bernstein1st AC - B Camera - 2nd UnitARRI Mini LF- Caldwell Chameleon
LiaisonPeter Levy ASC-ACSStephen Hopkins1st AC- B CameraSony Venice- Primo Artiste
The Great - Series 2 Maja Zamojda BSC- Jake Polonsky BSCZetna Fuentes/Ally Pankiw 1st AC - C Camera - Dailies ARRI Alexa SXT - Cooke S4
Angela BlackJohn Pardue BSCCraig Viveiros1st AC- B Camera - DailiesSony Venice- K35
TrigonometrySean Price Williams / Ashley Connor Athina Rachel Tsangari/Stella Corradi 2nd AC - A CameraArri Alexa Mini- K35
Gold DiggerJean Philippe Gossart AFC/ Sergio DelgadoVanessa Caswill/ David Evans2nd AC - A Camera Arri Alexa LF - DNA
Vanity FairEd RutherfordJames Strong2nd AC - A Camera RED DRAGON- PV Vintage
The Tunnel - Series 3Dale McCready BSC NZCS, Sam CareAnders Engström / Gilles Bannier2nd AC - A Camera Arri Alexa Mini- Zeiss Master Primes
Black Mirror: USS. CallisterStephan Pehrsson BSCToby Haynes2nd AC - A Camera RED Dragon- Zeiss Master Anamorphics
Black Mirror: Hated in the NationLukas StrebelJames Hawes 2nd AC - A CameraRed Epic- Zeiss Master Primes

Commercials / Promos

Production Production Company Director of Photography Additional Information
Arden University Dark Energy FilmsRichard MottArri Mini LF- MB Soft Flare
Harringtons Smuggler ProductionsRichard MottArri Mini - Master Primes
Every mind Matters - NHS- FA CUP spotAtomized StudiosEd Rutherford/ Benjamin ThomasA Mini LF - Zeiss Supreme

Short Films / Other

Title Production Company Director of Photography Additional Information
The AwakeningBirdie Pictures LTDMattias Nyberg BSCArri Mini LF- DNA LF Primes
The Wyrm of Bwlch Pen BarrasWBPB ProductionsSean Price WilliamsAATON XTR-PROD and 16mm Film
Magna Carta - Taras Kuzio - Ukraine DocumentaryMilky Films LTDDrew Levin
The Herring Girls Rekha GartonRuth Woodside
Fuji & BiPolar UK- Down Not Out EW Agency Jake Polonsky BSC/ Richard MottShot on FUJIFILM X-H2S
WedlockStephen Ashwell FilmsCalvin Day

Education & Training

GBCT 35mm Film Loading Course - 2017

London Metropolitan University - Film & Broadcast production- B.A. with Honours – First Class Honors - 2013

Ballyfermot College of Further Education- Cinematography – BTEC level 6 with Distinction - 2009



-Cine RT Ultrasonic Rangefinder System kit -SmallHD Cine 13 4K monitor kit -TV logic F7Hmkii monitor Kit -V-Lok Battery Kit -Fold-It Utility Cart -GO PRO Kit and various other kit bags and assistant accesories.