Michael Montgomery-Salter GBCT photo

Michael Montgomery-Salter GBCT

Clapper Loader / 2nd AC

t. 07857 707202
e. mike.2ndac@gmail.com

Michael graduated with a 1:1 BA in Film Production at Farnham UCA before working internationally on sporting documentaries across the globe.

After years training with the GBCT as a camera trainee, Michael is now a full member who is an experienced film loader capable of handling projects on any format, in any environment.

Feature FIilms

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Notes
The Marvels (2023)Sean Bobbit BSCGraham Martyr GBCTB Camera Dailies, Main Unit
Beetlejuice 2 (2023)Haris Zambarloukos BSCFran Weston GBCTB & C Camera Dailies, Main Unit
Queen At Sea (2023)Adolpho Veloso ABCRami Bartholdy A Camera (35mm, Arri LT)
The Great Escaper (2022)Christopher Ross BSCAlexandra VoikouA Camera
All of Us Strangers (2022)Jamie D Ramsey Mike Hannan GBCTB Camera Dailies, Main Unit
The Outrun (2022)Yunus Roy ImerAaron Champion GBCTB Camera Dailies, Main Unit
Fast & Furious 10 (2022)Matt WindonAlexandria VoikouDailies, Splinter Unit
The Friends We Hate At Weddings (2021)Oliver Stapleton BSCGraham Martyr GBCT & Alexandra VoikouB Camera Main Unit & Splinter Unit Dailies
The Outfit (2021)Dick Pope BSCFran Weston GBCTB Camera, Main Unit
Supernova (2019)Dick Pope BSCGraham Martyr GBCT Camera Trainee

TV Dramas

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Notes
Cheaters (2024)Karl Óskarsson IKSRami BartholdyA Camera
House of The Dragon (2023)Catherine Goldschmidt BSC; Vanja Cernjul ASC HFC Rami Bartholdy Blood Unit Dailies
Midtown (2022)Aaron ReidMurat Akyildiz & Rami BartholdyA & C Camera, Main Unit Dailies
Straight Shooter (2022)Martin Ahlgren ASCAlexandra Voikou C Camera, Main Unit Dailies
Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (2022)Jeffery Jurr ASCGeo Owen A Camera, Main Unit Dailies
The Love Box In Your Living Room (2022) Denis Crossan BSCJoe WrightA Camera Dailies
Gangs of London S2 (2022)Claire PieAlexandra VoikouAdditional Photography
Bad Sisters B4 (2022)Ollie DowneyA J GolesworthA Camera, Double Banking
The Crown S5 (2021)Rasmus VidebœkJacob Barrie GBCTB Camera, Queen Unit Dailies
Marriage (2021)Ali AsadMatt DeelyB Camera, Main Unit Dailies
Bad Sisters (2021)Evelin Van ReiVlassis SkoulisB Camera, Double Banking
The Split (2021)Mark PartridgeDan Lemon GBCTA Camera, Main Unit Dailies
Landscapers (2021)Erik Wilson BSCRana Darwish GBCTSplinter Unit Dailies
Bridgerton (2020)Philippe Blaubach BSCGraham Martyr GBCTA Camera, Double Banking Dailies

Commercials / Promos

Title Production Company Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller
Right Move (2022)BelieveAntonio PaladinoFran Weston GBCT
Rhythm of Life (2021)Standalone PicturesHaris ZambarloukosFran Weston GBCT
Kingsmill (2019)RecipeMark NutkinsRana Darwish GBCT
Brit Awards (2021)Something ElseFrank MadoneJosephine Thieme

Additional Information

Camera Experience: Panaflex 65 HR, Panaflex Millenium XL2, Alexa 65, Alexa Mini LF, Sony Venice, Alexa Studio. ARRI SR3, ARRI 416, ARRI 235, ARRI 435, ARRI LT, RED Monstro.

Education & Training: GBCT Camera Trainee Course,  BA (Film Production) - University for the Creative Arts (Farnham)


Jumbo Film Changing Tent, Magliner Head and Leg Bracket, Fold-it Cart