Lawrence Fish photo

Lawrence Fish

Clapper Loader / 2nd AC

Lawrence is a highly dependable and motivated camera assistant. He began his career in a camera facilities house at Shepperton Studios in the UK. He has since trained with some of the best technicians in the industry and continues to work on acclaimed productions across the board.

Bases in London & the South West.

Feature Films

Title Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Information
Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return To HogwartsEd Wild BSCRichard Jakes, Becky Lee2nd AC
The Expendables 4Tim Maurice-Jones BSCJames Leckey2nd AC: A Camera Dailies
Untitled Home Alone Matt WindonJulian Bucknall, Gabriel Hyman 2nd AC: B Camera AP
The Little MermaidDion Beeb ASC, ACSPhilip A.T. Smith, Brad Larner, Gabriel Hyman2nd AC: Second Unit Dailies
The BatmanGreig Fraser, ASC, ACSJake Marcuson, Philip A.T. Smith, Richard Jakes2nd AC: Chase Unit
Bond: No Time to DieLingus Sandgren FSF ASCMarc Atherfold, Frankie Ferrari, Dean Thompson, Phill HardyCamera Trainee
Me, Myself & DiMax WilliamsMarina Selega2nd AC
Dream HorseErik WilsonRyan King, Kriss Dallimore2nd AC (Wales)
The CourierMichel Abramowicz AFCMartin Warrilow2nd AC B Camera Additional
BrightonMax WilliamsDaniel Lemon2nd AC Daily
MisbehaviourZac Nicholson BSCPeter Byrne, Abi Catto, Dora Krolikowska2nd AC Additional
The King's ManBen Davis BSCDave Cozens, Leigh GoldCamera Trainee Main Unit
Wonder Woman 1984Matthew Jensen ASCSam Barnes, Rene Adefarasin, Ryan KingCamera Trainee Splinter Unit
Yesterday Christopher Ross BSCEmilliano Topai, Tim MorrisCamera Trainee
Six Minutes to MidnightChris Seagar BSC Marc AtherfoldCamera Trainee AP*
Fishermans FriendsSimon Tindall ACOPhill Hardy, Alexandra VoikouCamera Trainee AP*
RocketmanGeorge Richmond BSCDave Cozens, Will MorrisCamera Trainee Dailies
Bohemian RhapsodyNewton Thomas Sigel ASCDave Cozens, Alan HallDIT/Video Assist Main Unit
LyrebirdRemi Adefarasin OBE BSCRene Adefarasin, Ben Adefarasin Video Assistant

TV Drama

Title Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Information
Liaison Peter Levy ASC ACSHilda Sealy, Piotr Perlinski2nd AC: B Camera Main Unit
ExtinctionÁrni FilippussonElliot Haley, Akash Tuli-Phakey2nd AC: B Camera 2 Eps
You Don’t Know MeAndrew McDonnell Martin Warrilow, Akash Tuli-Phakey2nd AC: B Camera
Avenue 5Eben Bolter BSCA.J. Golesworthy, Ryan ParkinsRonin 2 Technician
The NeversSeamus McGarvey ASC, BSCAlan Hall, Marc Atherfold 2nd AC Dailies
Endeavour - S7James Moss Richard Brierley2nd AC Daily
SalisburyGraham SmithLuke Jefferson 2nd AC B Cam Dailies
Dark MoneyMark WolfMartin Warrilow, Luke Jefferson2nd AC B Cam - 2 Eps
Hetty FeatherAndrew StokesLuke Jefferson 2nd AC Dailies
Brave New WorldAugust Jakobsson IKSChris SamworthCamera Trainee 2nd Unit
Top Boy - S3Joe AndersonJason Walker, Chris SamworthCamera Trainee
Father Brown - S6Chris PrestonMartin Warrilow2nd AC - 10 Eps
The Break - S2Tony Miller BSCMartin Warrilow2nd AC - 5 Eps
The CoronerChris PrestonMartin Warrilow2nd AC - 2 Eps
The RomanoffsChris Manley ASCDave Cozens, Matt WavingDIT Assistant UK Unit
Black Mirror: Striking VipersLukas StrebelRuth Woodside, Tom DunneCamera Trainee


Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Information
Tesco Christmas Erik Wilson BSCHilda Sealy2nd AC: A Camera
Wren Kitchens Kaname OnoyamaBecky Lee 2nd AC
Kiehl’sMark Warmington Becky Lee2nd AC
GymsharkMarcus AutelliMartin Warrilow2nd AC
Eulogy Ed Moore BSCJason Cuddy, Neil Bradshaw 2nd AC: A Camera
Franc Moody David FoulkesLeo Winslow2nd AC
Nicorette Chris Clarke Marc Atherfold 2nd AC
CadburyRina Yang Kate Molins, Martin Warrilow2nd AC
JP CooperBen CoughlinJackson Taylor2nd AC
WalkersMichael Coulter BSCJohn Ferguson 2nd AC
AGCOKarl PoyzerMartin Warrilow 2nd AC
AdidasNic Booth Joaquin Blunt 2nd AC
Angle Poise Russell Oastler Arhip Hodge2nd AC
LexusJon BoyceChris Hayden2nd AC
CIFSimon Richards Hopi Demattio Camera Trainee
MangoJoseph WhiteHopi DemattioCamera Trainee
Star Wars: Disney ParkCarlos De Carvalho Dave ‘Spooky’ ChurchyardCamera Trainee
TFLTom Turley Thomas Nicholson Camera Trainee
Chelsea FC Andreas NeoPete BlakemoreCamera Trainee

Additional Information

First Class Honours Degree in Film Production, University of Portsmouth

*Additional Photography