Jade Jenkins photo

Jade Jenkins

Clapper Loader / 2nd AC

Jade is a committed and confident member of the camera department with a keen eye for organisation and detail. With experience in 16mm and digital, in TV and Film, they are able to adjust and support the team in whichever way necessary

Full Clean Driving Licence

Features / TV Drama

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Information
Sister Boniface MysteriesChris Preston/Jaz CastletonJade Jenkins/Martin WarrilowB Camera 1st AC
A Good Girls Guide to MurderMichael FilocamoJoanne Smith/Bii Chau2nd AC Dailies
Canary Black - Additional PhotographyThierry ArbogastPete Lowden2nd AC
Paris has FallenAdam EtheringtonJoanne Smith2nd AC Dailies
Time S2Paul MorrisSteven Owen2nd AC Dailies
Silo S1Mark PattenPete Lowden2nd AC Dailies
One DayNick Cooke/Alvaro Gutierrez/Jonas Mortensen/Ollie DowneySam VinesB Camera 2nd AC
Can You Hear MeAugust JacobssonLou MacnamaraB Camera 2nd AC
ExtraordinaryCarlos CatalanFrankie NapoliA Camera 2nd AC Dailies
Obsession - Camera TestPiers McGrailJoanna SmithClapper Loader
Luther S6James FriendTom LaneB Camera 2nd AC Dailies
Without SinRachel ClarkLouise MurphyClapper Loader
Our HouseRichard MottLouise MurphyB Camera 2nd AC
We Hunt TogetherPaul AndrewSamantha PattersonB Camera 2nd AC - Dailies
PistolAnthony Dod MantleRami Bartholdi2nd Unit 2nd AC
Craith/Hidden 3Simon Tindall/Sam ThomasSam Vines2nd AC
DesMark WolfRoss OnionsB Camera 2nd AC
Becoming ElizabethAdolpho VelosoNathan MannCamera Trainee/B Camera 2nd AC
Breeders 2Annika SummersonDan WestA Cam Trainee/2nd Unit 2nd AC
Citadel - PrepNewton Thomas SigelTobias EedyCamera Trainee
Grantchester 5Mark WatersLisa CottingtonB Camera Trainee - Dailies
CensorAnnika SummersonJason WingroveCamera Trainee
Hanna 2Ollie DowneyAlex ParishB Camera Trainee/A Cam 2nd AC daily
Doctor Who 12Sam HeasmanJon VigenCamera Assistant
Gangs on LondonMatt FlanneryChris WilliamsB Camera Trainee - Dailies
Mugal MowgliAnnika SummersonJason WingroveCamera Trainee
Dark MoneyMark WolfMartin Warrilow/B Camera Trainee
Almost NeverSteve LawesTom McFarlingCamera Trainee

Commercials / Shorts

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Information
Google: Belonging VoicesSade NdyaAmir RoseClapper Loader
Big PantsAnt BelleIrys SteelClapper Loader
Hard LuckPiers McGrailJoanne SmithClapper Loader
My Best Friends RecipeLou MacnamaraJade JenkinsFocus Puller
LindaSimon PlunketJade JenkinsFocus Puller
Band Aid - Music VideoAilsa AikoaIrys SteelClapper Loader, SR3/16mm
Passing ThroughLou MacnamaraJade JenkinsFocus Puller
DoritosMatthew E TaylorJason HenwoodClapper Loader
Queer ParenthoodAilsa AikoaMilo BrownClapper Loader, Arri SR3/16mm
TenaCarlos CatalanFrankie NapoliClapper Loader
Sent to CovDarius ShuJade JenkinsFocus Puller
LotusMark BushnellMartin WarrilowClapper Loader
Hermes X GelatoJack ReynoldsLouise MurphyClapper Loader
Paddy Power - Gaming Every DayJonas MortensenLouise MurphyClapper Loader
A Room Full of SistersLorena PagésJade JenkinsCamera Assistant / BBC FFolio
Born to SurviveHamish AndersonBenji Kirkman / Nathan LloydCamera Trainee / BT Sport
ImmuneTobias MarshallMartyn Culpan / Jade Jenkins2nd AC / Farlane Media
VISA: WYSMJames RhodesVlassis Skoulis / Martyn CulpanCamera Trainee / Saatchi & Saatchi


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