Paddy  Driscoll photo

Paddy Driscoll

Camera Trainee

t. +44 (0) 7869 584 818

Paddy is an adaptive trainee who is eager to continue to build strong Career relationships in the Feature Film and HETV industries. Having completed the Screen Skills training program, he has developed key technical, organisational and workflow skills that have proven invaluable in developing positive work relationships.

Bases in London, Wales & the South West.


Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller 2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Fast and Furious 9 Dailies Stephen F. Windon ACS, ASCPeter ByrneKat Spencer
The Old Guard (Main Unit Dailies)Tami Reiker ASCSam BarnsAdrian Stephens
The Old Guard (Camera Tests)Tami Reiker ASCJonny WrightAbi Cato
United Leon & Kirby Project (UK Unit)Bret JutkiewiczBen SmithCameron Axsel
Dream Horse (Race Unit)Erik A. WilsonRyan KingJames Brown
Misbehaviour (Trainee/2nd AC)Zac Nicholson BSCPeter ByrneAbi Cato/Paddy Driscoll (Dailies)
WildfireCrystal FournierIgnacio GuzmanBarbra Van Schaik
Wonder Woman 2 (A Cam Dailies) 35MM, 65MM, IMAXMatthew Jensen ASCSam BarnesAdrian Stephens
Days of Bagnold Summer (Trainee/2nd AC)Simon TindallBrendan HarveyJoaquin Blunt/Paddy Driscoll (Dailies)
The Last TreeStil WilliamsJerry PradonCameron Axsel
The Butterfly (Trainee/2nd AC)Simon RichardsRupert PeddleAndre Moore/Paddy Driscoll (Dailies)
Make Up (Trainee/2nd AC)Nick CookeNaomi HancockRyan Sharpe / Paddy Driscoll
Amsterdam Secrets (Daily)Oona MengesLeo WilsonBen Hoy-Slot
Baghdad In My ShadowsThe Chau NgoTim RosenbohmCameron Smart

TV / Drama

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller 2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Tailspin (Daily 2nd AC)Gavin Finney BSCDarren 'Baz' JohnsonPaddy Driscoll
Pilgrim (Daily)Adriano Goldman ASC, BSC, ABCSam Barnes/Gordon SegroveAdrian Stepgens/Ryan Adams
TailspinAdam Suschitzky BSCElhein De-Wet/Darren 'Baz' JohnsonDrew Marsden/Andrew Nowley
Baptiste 2Gary ShawJonny Garwes/Daniel lemonChai Rolf/Amy Wilson
The Third Day (Autumn 12HR LiveOle BirklandJason WalkerNeil McConville
BlitzAnnemarie Lean-VercoIgnacio Guzman Paddy Driscoll
The Crown S4 Block 4 (Trainee/2nd AC)Ben WilsonJonny Wright/Sam BarnesAndy Nowley/Adrian Stephens/Paddy Driscoll (Dailies)
The Crown S4 Block 1Adriano Goldman ASC, BSC, ABCJonny Wright/Gordon SegroveAndy Nowley/Ryan Adams
Henry VIII (Documentary Drama Unit) Annemarie Lean-VercoIgnacio Guzman Paddy Driscoll
Bulletproof 2 (B1 pick-ups)Aaron ReidKriss DallimoreRachel Wood
Sex Education S2 Ep 3/4/5 (Daily)Jamie CairneyIan PearceNatie Davies
Poldark - S5 various eps (Daily)Simon Archer /Mark WatersMary KyteJason Coop
Casualty - S33 eps 15/16 (Daily)Tom HinesEd DunningNatie Davies
Flowers 2 (Work Experience)Jamie CairneyIan PearceAmy Wilson
Goodwood RevivalJamie Turnern/aPaddy Driscoll - ENG Camera Assistant

Commercials / Promos / Misc.

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller 2nd AC / Clapper loader
Sony Wireless HeadphonesTom TurleyThomas NicholsonStephenie Kennedy
British Beer AssociationPatrick SmithAnneka SaundersPaddy Driscoll
Korn Ferry (Golf Tournament)Matías PenachinoNAStephanie Kennedy
Louboutin Fall/winterSam HooperCameron AxselPaddy Driscoll
ASOS - ConverseMartin JarratCameron AxselPaddy Driscoll
ASOS - Ralph LaurenCameron AxselBen SmithPaddy Driscoll - 16mm
Pret - Rising StarsEira Wyn-JonesBrendan HarveyPaddy Driscoll
IKEA - Happy DaysNic BoothJoaquin BluntPaddy Driscoll
Descente Team GBSteve MontgomeryTom Montgomeryn/a
USB Bank - Smart WealthSteve MontgomeryJoe Warburtonn/a
Nuffield HealthAdam PalmerChristopher Spurdensn/a
Schroders Asset Management (Corporate)Danny BaldwinPaddy Driscolln/a
Delphi Intl. Rebrand (Corporate)John Wilde-GoosePaddy Driscoll n/a
Juice Wrld (2nd AC)Jeff PowersJoaquin BluntPaddy Driscoll
ED is Dead 'Spend Some Time With You'Pau MunozSonia RodriguezJoaquin Blunt

Additional Information

Arri Rental 35mm day course (ScreenSkills) / EFAW First Aid / ScreenSkills Trainee / Clean UK Drivers Licence / BA in Film & Video, University Of South Wales        

Camera Experience: ARRI: Alexa Mini/Classic/SXT/AMIRA, RED W, CANON: C100/300/5D iv/7D, SONY: FS7/FS5/Z1/Z5/A6500/A7/A7R, DJI Osmo 5K RAW, `Go-Pro