Kasia Serafin photo

Kasia Serafin

Camera Trainee

Kasia is a highly motivated, hardworking and reliable camera trainee who is committed to working with and attending to the needs of the camera department on film & TV productions.

Rental house experience with Panavision London & Hong Kong. 16mm & 35mm film trained .
Bases in London & Edinburgh

Features / Dramas

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller 2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Killing Eve S4 (B Cam)Julian Court BSCChris McAleeseSammy Johnson
The Great S2 (B Cam)Maja Zamojda BSC / Jake Polonsky BSCTom Dunne / Alex Van HeerdenJulie Sande
Black Widow (Dailies Prep)Rob Hardy BSCAlex BenderMorgan Spencer
The PeasantsRadek Ladczuk PSCIgnacy MysliwiecSzymon Kuriata

Commercials / Promos

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller 2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Cadbury's MilkshakePeter BathurstNeil FlahertyClaire Pie
Aldi WinesFabio GuglielmelliJames Hillsn/a
BloombergFabio GuglielmelliJames Hills / Peter BlackmoreDarren Ladbury / James Malamatinas
Fashion Insiders @ V&AFabio GuglielmelliPeter BlackmoreSonia Rodriguez-Serrano
Adidas - Faster ThanIsaac EastgateKarl Hui Nick Bordeaux
Harvey Causon 'Artifice'Luke DrydenSefa Ucbasn/a

Shorts / Documentaries

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Information
Gone Too YoungSzymon KuriataCarey OsborneCorbould Productions
Being Gail PorterAnne-Claire Pilleyn/aBBC Scotland
The Invention of Modern ArtMartin VesselinovGuilia BragiottoBBC Scotland

Additional Information

  • BA Film & Media QMU / Academy of Film, Hong Kong
  • GBCT Trainee Scheme course 2021
  • Work experience on the camera floor at Panavision London (August 2019) and on the camera floor
  • Servicing cameras & lenses at Salon Films, Panavision Hong Kong (September- December 2019)
  • Ed Lachman's assistant- volunteer - Camerimage FilmFestival (November 2018) & Delegate- volunteer - Edinburgh Film Festival (July 2018)
  • Camera Experience: 35mm (Panavision Millennium XL, Arriflex 435; Arricam ST & LT), 16mm (Arriflex 16 SR3; 416), ARRI (LF, SXT, Mini, Plus, XT; AMIRA), Sony (Venice, FS7, FS5, A7S II), RED (Scarlet, Monstro, Dragon)
  • Certificates: Safety Management in Film & TV Production- Production Safety Passport & Coronavirus basic awareness on production Training.