Becca Mundy photo

Becca Mundy

Camera Trainee

Becca is a reliable and motivated Camera Trainee with an enthusiasm for creating and a willingness to always learn something new. Becca also has experience in Live Events Broadcasting and Data Management making her an extremely versatile Trainee.

Bases in Bristol, Cardiff & London. Car owner with full clean driving licence. Maker of a decent coffee!

Features / Dramas

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / 2nd AC Additional Information
Bad Tidings We Bring (Dailies)Andy HollisTom Askew / Richard PerryVideo Trainee
Stanton Woods (Dailies)Robrecht HeyvaertJulie Sande2nd AC / Prep Cover
Prime Suspect EarthTom GermanJack Hayter2nd AC
The Gold S2Oli RussellKevin Williamson / Louisa KorteiCamera Trainee
Escaping Earth (Dailies)Ollan CollardyJames Brown / Charlotte HaydeCamera Trainee
A Thousand Blows (Dailies)Milos MooreGeorge HarrisonVideo Trainee
Call the Midwife S13 (Dailies)Toby MooreHilda Sealy / Domingo SimónCamera Trainee
A Good Girls Guide to Murder (Dailies)Michael FilocamoBii Chau / Taylor !cClayB Cam Trainee
Boarders (Dailies)Korsshan SchlauerJames Brown / Charlotte HaydeAdditional Trainee
Red Eye S1 (Dailies)Oli RussellKevin Williams / Louisa KorteiB-Cam Trainee
Malory Towers S5 (Dailies)Jason WebberAngus Mitchell / Bethany FitterAdditional Trainee / 2nd Assist Cover
The Outlaws S3Nick MartinIan Pearce / Matthew HeathA-Cam Trainee
Horse Face S1Rob KitzmannIan Pearce / Matthew HeathB-Cam Camera Trainee
Dinner With the ParentsNick MartinIan Pearce / Matthew HeathA-Cam Trainee / Sony Venice
Ted Lasso S3 (Dailies)Richard DuntonPaul Snell / Lucas CampainC-Cam Trainee / Alexa Mini LF
The F**k it Bucket (Dailies) Darran Bragg / Mark NutkinsAmir Aal / Andre PintB-Cam Trainee / Alexa Mini LF
The Ballad Of Renegade NellSam GoldiePeter Lowden / Ruby King2nd Unit / Main Unit Trainee, Sony Venice
Malory Towers S4Jason WebberJen Woods / Josh DaviesB-Cam Trainee
An Enemy WithinLorenzo LevriniJack Hayter / Theo RyanDailies Assist, Alexa Mini LF
Casualty S XXXVI, ep.29Alan WrightCeri Evans / Becca Mundy2nd AC, Alexa Mini LF
Sanditon S3Katie SwainNeil Brown / Dave KeyCamera Trainee Dailies, Sony Venice
HavocBaz Irvine BSCJake Williams2nd Unit Data Manager, Red Gemini
The Tuckers S2/3Trevelyan OliverJack Hayter / Bethany FitterCamera Trainee / B Cam Dailies 2nd AC
Bridgerton S2 Jeffrey JurJo BarkerData Manager Dailies, Sony Venice
Little MermaidJohn SorapureIain Thompson2nd Unit DIT Trainee Dailies, Alexa 65 +LF

Commercials / Promos / Misc

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Information
Toggi - A/W Collection 24Jason YeomanN/aCamera Assistant
Pimlico - ‘Problem Solved’Liam ReesJack Hayter2nd AC
'Too Big To Fail' ArielJames DoveBethany FitterCamera Trainee, ARRIflex SR2
Superdry #WinDifferentSy TurnballCharlie EnglandCamera Trainee Alexa Mini
Human Innovation Series - GDSJohn EnglandKat ZaharovaJr Production Technician - Live Event
Indeed: Nike, Mastercard - PYTCHKat Zaharovan/aJr Production Technician - Live Event

Short Films

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / 2nd AC Additional Information
Lost Without YouBrendan SwiftBecca Mundy1st AC - BAFTA Connect Short
Maria Webb 'Fake Blood'Bethany FitterBecca MundyShort Documentary /Camera Assistant
Stephen Merchant ‘Art Class’Nick MartinIan Pearce / Matt HeathCamera Trainee
Peter Darney 'G Flat'Ryan EddlestonCamila Carlow2nd AC / ARRI Alexa Mini LF
Callum Windsor 'The Erl King'Charlie ParkinBecca MundyCamera Assistant Sony FS7
Charlie Parkin 'Overtime'Charlie ParkinBecca MundyCamera Assistant Sony FS7
Mind The GapChristina TeeBecca MundyCamera Assistant Sony FS7

Additional Information

Familiar with video village organisation, lens changing, camera building, kit prep, slate creation and 16mm loading. Former Junior Production Technician at PYTCH Studios.

Workplace fire safety, heavy handling and Screenskills COVID certified.