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Bret McDowell


Bret's Grip career has spanned over 16 years working on feature films, TV Dramas and commercials. As an ex-South African he has worked both the British and American systems, coupled with excellent camera, rigging and blue screen skills.

Now permanently based in the UK, Bret is happy to travel Nationally & Internationally when required.

Feature Films

Production Director of Photography Additional Information
The Man Who Fell to EarthTommy Maddox-UpshawKey Grip : Completed for Rob Fischer
The Man Who Fell to EarthTommy Maddox-UpshawB cam Grip: KG Rob Fischer
The WitcherS2JP Gossart Grip KG: Rob Fischer
VengeanceDani VilarGrip KG: Guy Micheletti Cam Rigging
TwistHavard HelleKey Grip
JoltJules O'LoughlinGrip Dailies
Terminator 2nd UnitBruce McClearyKey Grip
Terminator ReloadedKen SungGrip KG: Guy Micheletti
Tomb RaiderGeorge Richmond BSCOn-set Key Rigger
BlendedJulio MacatKey Rigger
Long Walk to FreedomLol Crawley BSCKey Rigger
Labyrinth 2nd Uuit Kerric McDonaldKey Grip
Safe HouseOliver WoodKey Grip (Completed for GM)
Machine Gun PreacherRoberto SchaeferBest Boy KG: Guy Micheletti
Woman in LoveGeorge SteelBest Boy KG: Guy Micheletti
The Lost FuturePaul GilpinBest Boy KG: Guy Micheletti
Sex & the City 2John ThomasBest Boy KG: Guy Micheletti
AtlantisPeter GreenhalghBest Boy KG: Guy Micheletti
InvictusTom SternBest Boy KG: Guy Micheletti
CrusoeJon Joffin /Peter BelcherBest Boy KG: Guy Micheletti
Greenzone ThrillerBarry Ackroyd BSCBest Boy KG: Guy Micheletti
Generation KillIvan StrassburgGrip KG: G Micheletti /R Gilman
The DealPaul SarrosyGrip KG: Guy Micheletti
Les Deux MondesLaurent DailandGrip KG: Guy Micheletti
10,000BCUli SteigerGrip KG: R Baylis /JP Ridgeway
Catch a FrieGary PhillipsGrip KG: Guy Micheletti
The TriangleDavid ConnellGrip KG: Guy Micheletti
Movie No10Michael BrielyGrip KG: Guy Micheletti
Tara RoadJohn De Borman BSCGrip KG: Guy Micheletti
Lord of WarAmir MokriGrip KG: Guy Micheletti
Ask the DustCaleb DeschanelGrip KG: Guy Micheletti
Flight of the PhoenixCiaran BarryGrip KG: Guy Micheletti
Racing StripesDavid EggbyGrip KG: Guy Micheletti
OliBuster ReynoldsGrip KG: Guy Micheletti
BeserkerVincent CoxGrip Trainee KG: Brett Sinclair
DazzleVincent CoxGrip Trainee KG: Brett Sinclair
Sorcerers ApprenticeVincent CoxGrip Trainee KG: Brett Sinclair
The Meeksvill GhostVincent CoxGrip Trainee KG: Brett Sinclair
Glory GloryVincent CoxGrip Trainee KG: Brett Sinclair

TV / Drama

Production Director of Photography Additional Information
Save Me 2David PimmGrip Daily
White LinesJuamni AzpirozBest Boy Grip
Silent Witness XVIIIJames Friend BSCKey Grip
Strike Back 3Trevor Brown /Michael Cleary2nd Unit Key Grip

Commercials / Promos / Misc (as Key Grip)

Production Director of Photography Production Company
Lemsip (additional Grip)Filip MarekUnit 9
AlkoTrevor BrownThe Big Picture Company
Citroen C4Mandy WalkerFarm Films /Wanda Prods.
A MildLow Soon KeongFarm Films /ENX Films
AXAMathieu VadepiedFarm Films /Wanda Prods.
Thomas CookAdam McDaidAtomik Pictures /Toney Pertersen Film
Go CompareWill BexFarm Films
ACCOANicholas LoirFarm Films
BMWMax MalkinFarm Films
Coffee MateEric TremlFarm Films
CalveBen ButlerFarm Films
NikonLarry FongFarm Films
Crunchy NutStephen Keith-RoachFarm Films
Corona ExtraMarc GomezFarm Films
Red BeeClive NormanFarm Films
TravelsupermarketMarc GomezFarm Films
HansaJames AdeyFresh Eye Films
NutrilonTeoh Gay HianFarm Films
DanoneTrevor BrownFarm Films
Capri-Sonnen/aCinergy Films
Ford RangerAion VelieFresh Eye Films
TelkomJames AdeyFresh Eye Films
DSTVJames AdeyFresh Eye Films
SA Tourism 3DMichael SwainWild Earth TV


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