Bernin Isaac photo

Bernin Isaac

Focus Puller / 1st AC

t. 07555 679 888

Bernin has over 18 years experience in the industry both in analogue and digital and is highly experienced in both formats. He began his career on analogue film working his way through from the dark room to 1st AC.

Originally from South Africa, Bernin moved with his family to the UK four years ago and has a great passion for film making coupled with a strong work ethic.


Production Director Director of Photography Additional Information
Pretty Red DressDionne EdwardsAdam Scarth1st AC A Camera
Project 12Kanwal SethiEwan Mulligan1st AC A Camera
Jiu JitsuDimitri LogothetisGerado Madrazo AMC1st AC B Camera, Cyprus
AmmoniteFrancis LeeStephane Fontaine AFC1st AC Dailies
Click & CollectBen PalmerJohn Sorapure1st AC B Camera
Horrible Histories: Rotten RomansDominic BrigstockeJohn Sorapure1st AC B Camera
7 Days in EntebbeJose PadilhaLula Carvalho ASC1st AC C Camera, Malta
Paul, Apostle of ChristAndrew HyattGerado Madrazo AMC1st AC A Camera, Malta
American RenegadesSteven QualePete Romano ASC1st AC A Cam, 2nd Unit Malta
ManaEirik ForusEszter Csepeli 1st AC A Camera, Norway
13 HoursMichael BayDion Bebe ACS, ASCAdditional 1st AC, Malta
RisenKevin ReynoldsLorenzo Senatore ICG, AICAdditional 1st AC, Malta & Spain
Immediate BoardingPhilippe de ChauveronVincent Mathias AFC1st AC B Cam, France & Malta
Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy LinesRoel Reine1st AC B Cam, South Africa
Mandela: Long Walk to FreedomJustin ChadwickLol Crawley BSC1st AC Drakensburg Unit, South Africa
Machine Gun PreacherMarc fosterRobert Schaefer ASC, AIC1st AC D Camera, South Africa
Winnie MandelaDarrell RoodtMario Janelle1st AC B Camera, South Africa
Blood & OilPeter MatthewesMike Eley BSC1st AC B Camera, South Africa
District 9Neil BlomkampTrent Opaloch1st AC B Camera, South Africa

TV / Drama

Production Director Director of Photography Additional Information
Man Vs Bee Netflix Series David KerrKarl Oskarsson1st AC B Camera
Downton AbbeyMichael EnglerAndrew Dunn 1st AC Dailies
Top BoyVariousStuart Bentley BSC1st AC A Camera
Ted LassoVariousJohn Sorapure / David Romm1st AC B Camera
Love SarahTom AllanAaron Reid1st AC Dailies
Summer of RocketsStephen PolliakoffAshley Rowe1st AC Dailies
Apocalypse SloughWill CumminsStephan Pehrsson1st AC Dailies, Malta


Production Director Director of Photography Additional Information
VolvoCoral BrownFelix Schmilnsky1st AC A Camera
Apple BeatsMatt WalkerMatthew Taylor1st AC A Camera
DHLFloris RameakersMatt Broad1st AC A Camera
Victoria's SecretMichael BayDion Bebe ACS, ASC1st AC A Camera

Shorts / Promos

Production Director Director of Photography Additional Information
Noir-ManMark LoCarlos De Carvalho1st AC A Camera
Special DeliveryRobert HackettMatthew Taylor1st AC A Camera


13" Small HD Ultrabright, 7" Small HD Ultrabright, 5.6 HV TV Logic