Sonia Rodriguez-Serrano photo

Sonia Rodriguez-Serrano

Clapper Loader / 2nd AC

Sonia has been working in the film industry since 2013. She’s worked on a wide variety of projects including Features, TV Dramas, Commercials and Promos in the UK and Internationally. A trusted team player. - working under pressure is something she’s used to and being efficient with the resources available is something she’s excels at.

Experienced on all digital formats and familiar with 16mm and 35mm film formats.


Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Information
I Used to be FamousAngus Hudson BSCAlice Canty2nd AC A Camera
Rye LaneOlan CollardyMairead Albiston2nd AC A Camera
355Tim Maurice-JonesJames Leckey2nd AC B Camera
Rare BeastsPatrick MellerVlassis Skoulis2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Jurassic World IIPatrick LoungwayChris Pollitt2nd AC B Cam, 2nd Unit
Been So LongCatherine DerrySophie Wilson2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Anchor & HopeDagmar W. MadsenRalph Messer2nd AC / Clapper Loader
TrendyWill PreisnerPete Blakemore2nd AC / Clapper Loader
After Louise Sara DeaneChris Pollitt2nd AC / Clapper Loader
SlumberPolly MorganChris Pollitt2nd AC / Clapper Loader
2HRSSara DeaneChris Pollitt2nd AC / Clapper Loader
AntimatterGerry VasbenterCatherine Brown / John Evans2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Taking StockGerry VasbenterRichard Copeman2nd AC / Clapper Loader

TV Drama

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Information
Red GunCatherine GoldschmidtKhyle Smith2nd AC Dailies
Ted Lasso S3Vanessa Whyte/David RomRobbie Chapman2nd AC Dailies
MammalsMattias Nyberg BSCJames Leckey2nd AC A Camera
A Very British ScandalSi BellBrian Dungan2nd AC A Camera
Close to MeSergio Delgado Martin warrilow2nd AC A Camera
WaitingSeppe Van GriekenVlassis Skoulis2nd AC A Camera
Home GrownNeus Ollié AEC BSCSophie WIlson2nd AC
The CaptureSara DeaneVlassis Skoulis2nd AC A Cam, 2nd Unit Dailies
Toy Boy Block 4Rina YangRalph Messer / Martin Warrilow2nd AC B Camera, Dailies
MotheFartherSonKate Reid BSC / Maja ZomodjaEmil Davidov2nd AC B Cam, 2nd Unit Dailies
Catastrophe S4Mattias Nyberg BSCEvelina Engberg2nd AC B Camera, Dailies
Random Acts S5Beatriz SastreKate Molins2nd AC
PressKate Reid BSCAlice Canty2nd AC B Camera
ShamedCatherine DerryIlaria Fulvio2nd AC
Marcella IIKate Reid BSCJason Cuddy2nd AC B Camera, Dailies
UNCLEKate Reid BSCAlice Hobden2nd AC

Commercials / Promos (selection)

Production Production Company Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller
GUCCI BLOOMSmugglerAndreas BjörsethMaiya RoseArriflex 416 16mm
Winnie Raeder Music promoKode MediaJake GabbayJames HillsArriflex SR3 16mm
Zara ManConcrete Rep. LtdJake GabbayBenjy KirkmanArriflex SR3 16mm
Wimbledon 2020AcademyRina YangKate Molins
DOVEGreat GunsAshley BarronMarco Alonso
River IslandPavilion WorksArthur LovedayJames Leckey
W SeriesTry Hard FilmsBeatriz SastreKate Molins
Novablast AppKode MediaArthur LovedayJames Leckey
Paul Smith - HomerVidsettRik BurnellKate Molins
The Co-OpMermanNess WhyteDavid Agha-Rafei
Tresemme ITNSarah DeaneKate Molins / David Agha-Rafei
Jaguar I-PaceMissing LinkCatherine GoldschmidtKate Molins
BraunHogarth WWBeatriz SastrePete Blakemore
Colgate Max WhiteIndie8Neus Ollié AEC BSCSophie WIlson
DUAL IPA TourConvex ProductionsJake GabbayJames Hills
TriumphKnuckleheadRina YangKate Molins
RSPCARoyle Prods.Kate Reid BSCAlice Hobden
MANGOTogether AssociatedCatherine GoldschmidtIlaria Fulvio
Pretty GreenPartizanJoel HoneywellKate Molins
Change the StoryRadical MediaNeus Ollié AEC BSCRupert Hornstein
Quorn - Green CurryKameleon StudioCharlier HerranzKarl Hui
Grace Carter (Reshoot)My AccompliceBeatriz SastrePete Blakemore
Cry, Cry, Cry - ColdplayLEZCristina DunlapSarah Gardiner
Busted - NinetiesRankinAndreas NeoPete Blakemore
RAYE - FriendsSomesuchDeepak KeshvalaPeter Bateson
NAOCandence FilmsBeatriz SastreKate Molins
Dua Lipa ft. Martin GarrixPark VillageRina YangJoel Honeywell
Jax Jones ft. RayePark VillageRina YangKate Molins
The VeilKD FilmsGareth MundenPete Blakemore
Pixies - MagdalenaEverythingisokayGareth MundenJoe Douglas

Short Films

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Information
DriverSi Bell BSCBrian Dungan2nd AC
DreamersRachel ClarkKate Molins2nd AC / Clapper LoaderArriflex 416
The KeyholeGareth MundenEve Carreno2nd AC / Clapper Loader
DownGareth MundenMatt Choules2nd AC / Clapper Loader
If Girls Can...Rina Yang Kate Molins2nd AC / Clapper Loader
The Fox and the RabbitGareth MundenPete Blakemore2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Void and MethodAlex RylePete Blakemore2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Memento MoriSara DeaneChris Pollitt2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Isla TraenaSarah CunninghamPedro Ribeiro2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Well Hello There!Ben FordesmanAhmed Husseyin2nd AC / Clapper Loader
TruckPau CastejónJames Leckey2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Straight EdgeCharlie HerranzBenn Peacock2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Carpe NoctemRina YangJoel Honeywell2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Hen PartyGerry VasbenterJackie Teboul / Abi Catto2nd AC A& B Camera
The Place we go to HideKate Reid BSCAlice Hobden2nd AC / Clapper Loader
A GunKate Reid BSCAlice Hobden2nd AC / Clapper Loader
The SonGareth MundenRalph Messer / Joe Douglas2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Into the NightGerry VasbenterPhillip Smith 2nd AC / Clapper Loader
LoyalOwen LairdBen Mitchell2nd AC / Clapper LoaderPanaflex XL2 35mm

Additional Information

Camera Experience:  Panasonic GH4, Varicam 35, Canon 5D MrkII/III, Canon C300, Red Epic-M, Red Dragon, Arri Alexa Plus/XT, Arri Amira, Alexa Mini, Alexa LF, Alexa Mini LF, Sony F55, Sony F65, Sony FS7, Sony Venice, Arri 416,  Arricam LT, Arri 435, Arriflex SR3, Aaton XTR, Millenium XL2, Panflex G2, Bolex, Teradeks, Vaxis system, LCS systems…

 Languages: Spanish (native), English (high level), Catalan (medium level), Italian (medium level).

Full UK Driving Licence /  EU Passport Holder