Michael Montgomery-Salter photo

Michael Montgomery-Salter

Clapper Loader / 2nd AC

A trusted and dependable camera assistant; Michael provides technical insight and diligence to the camera department. Since being stepped up in 2020; he has worked steadily on a blend of Feature Films, TV Drama and Commercials. He enjoys loading film and has experience with a broad range of digital, 16mm & 35mm cameras.

Feature FIilms

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Notes
SunriseGreg Oke-35mm Add. Photography
The Friends We Hate At WeddingsOliver Stapleton BSCGraham Martyr GBCT & Alexandra VoikouB Camera Dailies & Splinter
Goat RodeoSean Bobbit BSCGraham Martyr GBCT & Josefine ThiemeB Camera Dailies & VFX Unit
PrizefighterBen Braham ZiryabIstvan DecsiB Camera
The OutfitDick Pope BSCFran Weston GBCTB Camera
MatildaTat Radcliffe BSCJacob Barrie GBCTCamera Tests
Wrath of ManAlan Stewart BSCDermot Hickey GBCT Camera Trainee Dailies
SupernovaDick Pope BSCGraham Martyr GBCT Camera Trainee
Artemis FowlHaris Zambarloukos BSCGraham Martyr GBCT Camera Trainee Add. Photo
Death on the NileHaris Zambarloukos BSCGraham Martyr GBCTCamera Tests, Camera Trainee
Tom & JerryAlan Stewart BSCDermot Hickey GBCTCamera Trainee Dailies
Fast & Furious 9Igor Meglic ZFSOliver Driscoll GBCTCamera Trainee, Thailand 2nd Unit Prep

TV Dramas

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Notes
The Love Box In Your Living Room Denis Crossan BSCJoe WrightA Camera
Gangs of London S2Claire PieAlexandra VoikouAdditional Photography
Emerald B4Ollie DowneyA J GolesworthA Camera Dailies
Lockwood & CoBen WheelerStephanie KennedyVFX Prep
The Crown S5Rasmus VidebœkJacob Barrie GBCTB Camera Dailies, Queen Unit
MarriageAli AsadMatt DeelyB Camera Dailies
Call The MidwifeSean Van HalesDaniel KolditzA Camera, 2nd Unit
Emerald (B2)Evelin Van ReiVlassis SkoulisB Camera, Double Banking
The SplitMark PartridgeDan Lemon GBCTA Camera, Covid Cover
LandscapersErik Wilson BSCRana Darwish GBCTAdd. Loader, Splinter
Anatomy of a ScandalBalasz Bolyogo BSCPhill Hardy GBCTCamera Trainee
BridgertonPhilippe Blaubach BSCGraham Martyr GBCTA Camera, Double Banking
IndustryMilos MooreGabriel HymanCamera Trainee Dailies
CursedDamien BromleyPeter Lowden GBCTCamera Trainee Dailies
The Letter for the KingMartin FoleyGraham Martyr GBCTCamera Trainee Add. Photo
DraculaTony Slater LingSteve Smith GBCTCamera Trainee Dailies
Midsomer MurdersAl BeechAnthony SutcliffeCamera Trainee Dailies
The CaptureRasmus ArrildtDaniel WombwellCamera Trainee Dailies
Call The MidwifeToby MooreHilda Sealy GBCTCamera Trainee

Commercials / Promos

Title Production Company Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller
Right MoveBelieveAntonio PaladinoFran Weston GBCT
Rhythm of LifeStandalone PicturesHaris ZambarloukosFran Weston GBCT
KingsmillRecipeMark NutkinsRana Darwish GBCT
Brit AwardsSomething ElseFrank MadoneJosephine Thieme
HallmarkRed Bee MediaPhilipp Blaubach BSCGraham Martyr GBCT
Uncle - Lost HighwayBlack Cap FilmsHenry Braham BSCDermot Hickey GBCT


Title Production Company Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller
WhyforJack TrowbridgeMatt GillanM Montgomery-Salter
7 BananasDaisy MooreMatt GillanM Montgomery-Salter
Fan GirlKate HerronJonny FlintM Montgomery-Salter

Additional Information

Camera Experience: Panaflex 65 HR, Panaflex Millenium XL2, Alexa 65, Alexa Mini LF, Sony Venice, Alexa Studio. ARRI SR3, ARRI 416, ARRI 235, ARRI 435, ARRI LT, RED Monstro.

Eductaion & Training: GBCT Camera Trainee Course,  BA (Film Production) - University for the Creative Arts (Farnham)


Jumbo 65mm Film Changing Tent X-Plate