Graham  Smout GBCT photo

Graham Smout GBCT

Clapper Loader / 2nd AC

Graham started his career in New Zealand in 2010 before moving to the UK in 2014. He is experienced and comfortable working on a wide variety of shooting formats including big budget feature films, TV drama and high- end commercials.

Feature Films

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Information
Maleficent IIHenry BrahamJacob Barrie2nd AC, A Camera, Splinter Unit
Swords and Sceptres Seamus Deasy Alex Howe2nd AC, A Camera, UK Shoot
Star Wars Story: Untitled Hans Solo (Red Cup)Tim WoosterJacob Barrie2nd AC, 2nd Unit, Daily
Christopher RobinPeter TalbotJacob Barrie2nd AC, Splinter Unit, Daily
Kingsman IIGeorge Richmond BSCJacob Barrie2nd AC, B Camera, Pick Ups
The Death of StalinZachary Nicholson BSCAlex Taylor2nd AC, Dailies
Self HelpJames LaytonClare Connor2nd AC, A Camera
Origin UnknownAdam SculthorpJacob Barrie2nd AC, A Camera
The HippopotamusAngus Hudson BSCJacob Barrie2nd AC, A Camera
Film Stars Don't Die in LiverpoolUla Pontikos BSCGabriel Hyman2nd AC, Dailies
41 SouthSimon OliverJared O'Neale2nd AC, A Cam, Dailies
Punters PrayerOliver WilliamsPeter Blackmore2nd AC, Dailies
TheaMattias NyberyBenn Peacock2nd AC, Daily
The CureDavid Paul NZCSMatt Tuffin2nd AC, A Camera
Kiwi FlyerDavid Paul NZCSMatt Tuffin2nd AC, A Camera
EternityMatt SharpBryson Rooney2nd AC, A Camera

TV / Drama

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller Additional Information
Gomorrah S04E04Ivan CasalgrandiGiulio Innocenti2nd AC, A Camera
Cuckoo 5 Julian Hohndorf Kate Eccarius 2nd AC, A Camera
Unforgotten 3 Soren Bay Alex Howe 2nd AC, A Camera, Daily
Manhunt Baz Irvine Jacob Barrie2nd AC, B Camera, Dailies
James Acaster: Repertoire Al Clayton Jacob Barrie 2nd AC, A Camera
The Awoken (Pilot)Baz Irvine Jacob Barrie2nd AC, A Camera
Stan Lee's Lucky Man 3Tim Palmer BSCAlex Howe2nd AC, C Camera, Dailies
Killing Eve Martin FoleyRichard Brierley2nd AC, 2nd Unit, Daily
The Forgiving EarthHubert TaczanowskiMatt Hillier2nd AC, Dailies
Endeavour VJamie CairneyAlex Taylor2nd AC, Dailies
RellikGiullio BaccariJacob Barrie2nd AC, Daily
Hard SunDavid LutherGabriel Hyman2nd AC, Daily
WillJohn de BormanJacob Barrie2nd AC, Daily
FearlessRasmus ArrildtJacob Barrie2nd AC, Dailies
Guerrilla Ramsey NickellPhil Smith2nd AC, Dailies
Marcella S1Ula Pontikos BSCJacob Barrie2nd AC, B Camera
Jekyll & HydeSuzie Lavelle ISCJames Scott2nd AC, Dailies
LSDRasmus ArrildtJacob Barrie2nd AC, B Camera
Hoff the RecordDuncan TelfordDuncan Telford2nd AC, Dailies
Thunderbirds Are Go!Simon GodsiffCharles Edwards2nd AC, A Camera
Girl v Boys - S3David Paul NZCSMatt Tuffin2nd AC, A Camera
Girl v Boys - S2Matthew KnightMatt Tuffin2nd AC, A Camera
Girl v Boys - S1Matthew KnightMarty Lang2nd AC, A Camera
Kiwi RailMike RathboneMatt Tuffin2nd AC, A Camera


Production Production Company Director of Photography Focus Puller / 1st AC
Jaguar Georgeous Enterprises Barry Ackroyd BSC Luke Selway
Channel 5 Rugby Ident 5 Creative Richard BellTom McFarling
Hewlett Packard 'Daas SamAMV BBDOAndrew KuchannyJacob Barrie
Strongbow 'Dark Fruit'Cain & AbelDave WrightJacob Barrie
Bichester VilliageAgile FilmsChris Clarke Graham Smout
WOOGABare FilmsKatie Swain David Penfold
HabitatAnnex FilmsPeter Suschitzsky ASCDavid Penfold
VodafoneIconoclastFlorian HoffmeisterDavid Penfold
Baz Luhrmann for H&MBazmarkPeter Suschitzsky ASCJacob Barrie
The British MuseumStereo CreativeBrian FawcettJacob Barrie
UEFA EuropeFearlessSam CareDavid Penfold
De GirsogonoLCI ProductionsAngus Hudson BSCJacob Barrie
Birra MorettiVinceSimon PaulAlex Taylor
Pepsi MaxHSI LondonMikey SimpsonGraham Smout
ASDA - Nappies/FruitSaatchi & SaatchiKatie SwainJacob Barrie
HAIM - Apple MusicPulse FilmsNat HillJacob Barrie
Red Mag - LancomeThe Big SkyKristian Young
Charlton Athletic FCDark EnergyDavid PenfoldDavid Penfold
Girl Guides UKGirlGuiding UKOliver WilliamsGraham Smout
ASDA - GeorgeColonel BlimpJime Feliu TorresDavid Penfold
Sports DirectScorch LondonTom TurleyAnnette Remler
Oak Furniture LandEquinoxEd MooreTom Lane
Esso / Fernando AlfonsoUnit 9 FilmsMikey SimpsonGraham Smout
Wacom TabletIris WorldwideTom HoleMax Friswell
BMW / GoogleAcross the PondMikey SimpsonGraham Smout
Express GiftsChief ProductionsSimon HawkenGordie Macmillan
Pilgrims ChoiceCreamTom HoleTom Lane
Alzheimer's NZIBC LtdDavid Paul NZCSMatt Tuffin
The CloudGibson GroupSimon BaumfieldMike Knudsen
Cardinal ProjectWETA DigitalIan ScottMike Knudsen
British Heart FoundationPark PicturesBrian FawcettJacob Barrie
Artic SurfersTom CockramJack Reynolds
Bicester VillageAgile FilmsChris ClarkeGraham Smout
NZ PoliceKrafhaus FilmsMatthew KnightMarty Lang
EA Genesis (Dailies)Pulse FilmsPaul GilpinPete Bateson
Shattkeys Optometrists Jared O'NeilGraham Smout
Massey UniversityExposureRenaud MaireCharles Edwards
Shattered LivesInfinity FilmsPaul Richards
TopsealEclectic MotionOli WilliamsPete Blackmore
SnoodyDoEclectic MotionOli WilliamsPete Blackmore

Promos / Short Films

Production Production Company Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller
Salvage Hunters Discovery Channel Andy Kuchanny Jacob Barrie
The Script Once Upon a FilmSimon PlunketGraham Smout
The 1st New SelectaRay CoatesJacob Barrie
BOATERNY ProductionsPatrick MellerRob Gilmour16mm, Arri 416
Kasabian PromoPartizanDaniel TrappJulian Green
Channel 5 RugbyChannel 5 CreativeAndrew KuchannyJacob Barrie
Tiger CountryShimbiris FilmsDavid Paul NZCSCharles Edwards
The Light HarvesterRetinae ProductionsDavid Paul NZCSMatt Tuffin
The SeedDavid Gould StudiosSimon GodsiffGraham Smout
Unnatural HistoryAlex Blackhouse FilmsMatt HenleyMarty Lang
A Union InsideFramestoreMikey SimpsonJack Exton
The RunnerRiverman FilmsRicky PatelJack Exton
Hot2 TouchMy AccompliceTom HoleTommy McMahon
This is AxiomTurtle Canyon MediaCaroline BridgesChris McAleese
The Davina Hour PromoUKTVAndrew KuchannyJacob Barrie
The Last NightMorepork FilmsMatthew KnightMarty Lang

Additional Information

EDUCATION:  2009 New Zealand Film & Television School  - Certificate in Film &Television Production


1x Senior Magliner