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Lawrence Fish

Camera Trainee

Having worked for a camera facilities house at Shepperton Studios for two years, Lawrence had the opportunity to go out on jobs as a Camera Trainee. Lawrence attained a Bachelor of Arts degree with a First Class Honours in Film Production and has since progressed to go freelance, working on a mix of jobs including features, dramas and commercials.

Bases in London, South Coast & Midlands | Car Owner Driver | BECTU Member | Guild of Television & Cameramen

Feature Films

Title Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller 2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Untitled Danny Boyle Project: main unitChristopher Ross BSCEmiliano Topai / Tim Morris Esther Venazi / Harry Gamble camera trainee: main unit dailies
LyrebirdRemi Adefarasin OBE, BSCRene Adefarasin / Ben Adefarasin Kriss Dallimore / Neil McConville video assistant: main unit
Maleficent 2: camera testsHenry Braham BSC Dermot Hickey Elliot Purvis camera tests
Bohemian Rhapsody: main unitNewton Thomas Sigel ASC / DIT - Dan CarlingDave Cozens / Alan HallJames Paul Thomas / Calum Weir (DIT Assistant)DIT assist trainee: main unit
Teen SpiritAutumn Durald ArkapawHenry Landgrebe / Richard Jakes Matthew Wright / Taylor McClaycamera trainee: dailies
Juliet, NakedRemi Adefarasin BSCBen Adefarasin Neil McConville / Kat Spencercamera trainee: dailies
Goodbye Christopher Robin: main unitBen Smithard BSCTristan HaleyDemetri Jagger (Video Assist Operator) video assist trainee: dailies
Final ScoreEmil TopuzovMary KyteKriss Dallimore / Jonathan Treherne camera trainee: dailies

TV Drama

Title Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller 2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Top Boy: S3 Joe Anderson Jason Walker / Chris SamworthDarren Johnson / Laurence Johnson
The Spanish Pricess: second unit dailies Dion CaseyTrevor SpeedTom Meadows
The Dark Crystal: Shadow Unit DailiesStephan Pehrsson BSCKriss DallimoreJack Bentley
Turn Up Charlie - dailiesRob KitzmannDan Brough / Matt HillierLuke Lloyd / Joe Golding
Black Mirror S5: main unitLucas StrebelRuth Woodside / Tom DunnePeter Lowden / Daniel Lemon
The Romanoffs: DIT Asst. UK unit Chris Manley ASC David Cozens / Matthew WavingTom Storey / Andrew Jones
Father Brown IV: 10 episodesTom Hines / Chris Preston Martin Warrilow / Jonathan Treherne Lawrence Fishsecond assistant camera: 10 episodes
Stan Lee's Lucky Man: 1 ep.James Friend BSC, Gavin Struthers ASCGabriel HymanBecky Bruce Lee
The Break II: 5 episodes Tony Miller BSCMartin WarrilowJonathan Trehemecamera trainee: 5 episodes
Miranda: 1 episodeChris GoodgerKit MackenzieJulian Zarzoso-Lowecamera trainee: 1 episode


Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller 2nd AC / Clapper Loader
MANGO Joseph WhiteHopi Demattio / Warren Buckingham / Guy HazelBecky Bruce Lee
Cif Simon RichardsHopi DemattioBecky Bruce Lee
WALKERS Michael Coulter BSCJohn FergusonLuke Coulter
ANGLE POISE (2nd AC)Russell OastlerArhip HodgeLawrence Fish
LEXUS Jon BoyceChris HaydenAngus Mitchell

Additonal Information

2015 - 2017:  Tranmission TX Group, Shepperton Studios  - Camera Technician

2012 - 2015: University of Portsmouth, BA in Television & Film Production (1st Class Honours)

2010 - 2015: Brockenhurst College, National Diploma in Media Production (Distinction)