Julie Steyaert photo

Julie Steyaert

Camera Trainee

Following her graduation in Brussels, Julie worked in various departments but was always drawn towards the camera department which is where she decided to pursue her industry career. Julie is detail orientated, quick to learn new skills.

Car owner with full clean EU driving licence
Languages: English, Flemish, Dutch, French and German

Feature Films

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puler 2nd AC / Clapper Loader
True Things About MeAshley ConnerPiotr PerlinskiAnia Bahadrian
The Duke (Dailies)Mike Eley BSCOliver DriscollBen Jones
A Gift from Bob (Dailies)David ConnellAdam ConlonIsti Djuroska

TV / Dramas

Production Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller 2nd AC / Clapper Loader
Ray James (UK Shoot)Ruben ImpensTom Dunne /Luke JeffersonMathieu Treacy /Johnathan Treherne
The Great (Dailies)John BrawleyAdam Conlon /Ryan ParkinsIsti Djuroska /Julie Sande
USEd Rutherford / Sam CarePiotr Perlinski /Heather CromptonMathieu Treacy /Ania Bahadrian
The Trouble with Maggie Cole (Dailies)Andy HollisMatt HillierDann Cooper
Trigonometry (Dailies)Sean Price Williams / Ashley ConnerPiotr PerlinskiMathieu Treacy

Other Industry Experience

Production Director Supervisor Position
TrigonometryAthina TsangariJames Metcalf /Naomi KingFloor Runner
BaptisteJan MatthysJames MetcalfBase Runner
De Twaalf (Belgium)Wouter Bouvijnn/aLocation Assistant
Sense of Tumor (Belgium)Tom Gorisn/aLocation Assistant
Niet Schieten (Belgium)Stijn Coninxn/aCrowd AD

Training & Qualifications

2019 - Graduated from Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema & Sound, Brussels.