John  Piggott ACO photo

John Piggott ACO

Camera / Steadicam Owner-Operator

John is a highly skilled Camera / Steadicam Operator who brings 20 years of TV drama experience to set.

He embraces the day to day challenges on set and thrives on working closely with Directors and DOPs to bring great stories to life through the lens

TV / Drama

Production Director Director of Photography Additional Information
Death In Paradise S7Jonathan GershfieldMark WatersA Camera / Steadicam
Delicious Clare KilnerJamie CairneySteadicam /B Cam Dailies
Poldark S2/10 eps.Will Sinclair /Charles Palmer /Richard SeniorCinders Forshaw BSC /Sergio DelgadoA Camera /Steadicam
TrolliedPaul MurphyJon PiddleSteadicam Dailies
The HalcyonPhil JohnToby MooreDailes
The CoronerPiotr SzkopiakChris PrestonSteadicam Dailies
Casualty 2 eps.Jamie AnnettSimon ButcherA Camera /Steadicam
Vera S5/1 ep.Will SinclairCinders Forshaw BSCA Camera Operator
Mr SelfridgeRobbie DelmaestroTony ColdwellB Camera Dailies
New Tricks 2 eps.Sarah O'GormanAndy McDonnell B Camera Operator
The Royals S1/1 ep.Mark SchwannNick Dance BSCA Camera Operator
By Any Means 4 eps.Menhaj Huda /Mark EverestNic Morris BSC /Nic LawsonA Camera Operator
Da Vinci's DemonsJamie PayneFabian Wagner BSCB Camera Dailies
Stella Sarah O'GormanIan Adrian /Rory TaylorB Camera Dailies
Patience (Short)Sarah O'GormanIan LiggettA Camera Operator
Law and OrderJill Robertson /Julian HolmesToby Moore /JP GossartB Camera Dailies
Young Dracula 2 eps.Joss AgnewToby MooreA Camera Operator
The FadesFarren BlackburnStephan Pehrsson BSCB Camera Dailies
SkinsSam DonovanNick Dance BSCB Camera Dailies
Hotel BabylonJim LoachSteve BucklandB Camera Dailies
The Fixer S2/2 eps.Sarah O'GormanFabian Wagner BSCA Camera Operator
Plus One S1/5 eps.Sarah O'GormanIan LiggettA Camera Operator
HustleSarah O'GormanFabien Wagner BSCB Camera Dailies
Moving Wallpaper 12 eps.VariousIan Liggett /Tim PalmerA Camera Operator
Holby Blue S2/12 eps.VariousIan Liggett /Tim Palmer /John Daly BSCA Camera Operator
Sinchronicity S1/4 eps.Brian Grant /Phil JohnPeter SinclairA Camera Operator
Holby Blue S1/8 eps.Bryn Higgins /Martin Hutchins /Jim LoachIan Liggett /Nick Dance BSCA Camera Operator
Pompeii (The Last Day)Peter NicholsonNick Dance BSCA Camera /Steadicam
Sweet Medicine S1/8 eps.Terry McDonough /John Wood /Jim LoachNick Dance BSC /Simon Kossoff BSCA Camera Operator
Footballer's Wives S2/8 eps.Julie Edwards /David Holroyd /Laurence MoodyNick Dance BSCA Camera /Steadicam
Bad Girls S3-6Mike Adams /Julian HolmesNick Dance BSC /Clive GillA Camera Operator
Footballer's Wives S1Mike Adams /Julie EdwardsNick Dance BSCA Camera Operator

Additional Information

Credits as DOP: Casualty - Dir: Jo Johnson /Rick Platt, Lines in the Sand - Dir: Rick Platt, Gaslighting (short) - Dir: Elaine Wickham






Full ultra 2 steadicam rig available.