Peter Marsden GBCT

Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)

Peter is a highly skilled Digital Imaging Technician with a wealth of experience gained working on features films, TV dramas and commercials.

London & Sydney based with dual Australian & British Citizenship.
Widely-traveled, he is able to work in the UK, across the European Union & Australia.

Attendee of the annual Camerimage Festival, Poland since 2006,
Member of the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) since 2000, Guild of British Camera Technicians (GBCT) since 2011
friend of the Association of Camera Operators (ACO)
ARRI Certified Training for Advanced Color Science, Munich, August 2017

Peter Marsden GBCT photo

Feature Films

Production Director Director of Photography Format
Peter Rabbit 2Will GluckPeter Menzies Junior A.C.S.Sony Venice, Red Monstro
Johnny English 3Stephan PehrssonStephan PehrssonRed Epic Weapon 6K
Solo, a Star Wars StoryRon HowardBradford Young A.S.C.Arri Alexa 65, Mini, in ARRIRAW
PeterlooMike LeighDick Pope B.S.C.Arri Alexa SXT, Mini in ARRIRAW Open Gate
The Jungle Book (Additional Photography)Andy SerkisMichael Seresin B.S.C.Arri Alexa XT in ARRIRAW Open Gate
Peter RabbitWill GluckPeter Menzies Junior A.C.S.Arri Alexa Mini, XT, in ARRIRAW Open Gate
Darkest HourJoe WrightBruno Delbonnel A.F.C., A.S.C.Arri Alexa Studio XT in ARRIRAW 16:9
AlliedRobert ZemeckisDon Burgess A.S.CRed Weapon Dragon 6K
Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find themDavid YatesPhilippe Rousselot A.F.C., A.S.C.Arri Alexa Studio XT in ARRIRAW Anamorphic
Miss Peregrine's Home for Pecuilar ChildrenTim BurtonBruno Delbonnel A.F.C., A.S.C.Arri Alexa Studio XT in ARRIRAW 4:3
Now You See Me, Second Act (2nd Unit Dailies)Louis LeterrierPeter RobertsonArri Alexa XT in ARRIRAW 16:9
Alice through the Looking Glass (2nd Unit)Shaun O'DellShaun O'DellSony F65
LegendBrian HelgelandDick Pope BSCArri Alexa Plus XT in ARRIRAW Open Gate
MacbethJustin KurzelAdam ArkapawArri Alexa Plus XT in ARRIRAW Anamorphic
Into the WoodsRob MarshallDion Beebe ACS, ASCArri Alexa Plus XT in ARRIRAW Anamorphic
Mr TurnerMike LeighDick Pope BSCArri Alexa Plus in ARRIRAW 16:9
Angelica Mitchell LichtensteinDick Pope BSCArri Alexa Plus in ARRIRAW 16:9
Muppets Most WantedJames BobinDon Burgess ASCRED Epic 5K
A Long Way DownPascal ChameuilBen Davis BSCArri Alexa Plus in ARRIRAW 16:9
Cuban FuryJames GriffithsDick Pope BSCArri Alexa Plus in ARRIRAW 16:9
Total RecallJose GranellNigel Stone BSCRED Epic 5K
Skyfall (2nd, Splinter & Aerial Units)Sam MendesAlexander WittArri Alexa Studio
Prometheus (VFX Unit)Shaun O'Dell (VFX Unit)Shaun O'Dell (VFX Unit)RED Epic 3D 5K
ARGOBen AffleckRodrigo Prieto ASC, AMCArri Alexa Plus in ARRIRAW 16:9
Snow White & the HuntsmanRupert SandersGreig Fraser ACS35mm Anamorphic, Panavision 65mm
World War Z (2nd Unit)Simon Crane 2nd UnitIgor Meglic 2nd UnitArri Alexa Plus in ARRIRAW 16:9
GravityAlfonso CuarónEmmanuel Lubezki ASC, AMCArri Alexa in ARRIRAW 16:9
Berliner Philharmonic: Musical Journey in 3DNHK Rigs x 6, Sony HDC-1500 x 2
The First Avenger: Captain America (2nd Unit) (2nd Unit)Jonathan TaylorJonathan TaylorPanavision Genesis, SSR Solid State Recorder, Canon 5Dmk2, Arri 435
A Running JumpMike LeighDick Pope BSCArri Alexa
Gulliver's TravelsRob LettermanDavid Tattersall BSC, Shaun O'Dell 2nd Unit, Fraser Taggart VFX UnitPanavision Genesis, SSR, Solid State Recorder, Arri 435
Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (DIT/ VFX Playback)Michael AptedAngus BickertonSony F23, Sony F900R, Qtake Playback, Codex Recoders
14 Days with VictorRoman ParradoXavier CamíThompson Viper, Codex Portable, S.two DFR
¿ Estas Ahi ?Roberto SantiagoJoan BenetThompson Viper, S.two DFR
Robin HoodRidley ScottJohn Mathieson BSCSilicon Imaging
Green Zone (Aerial Unit)Peter Chiang (Aerial Unit Director)Jeremy BrabenRED One 4K, Helicopter Film Services Wescam & Bell 205
Sherlock Holmes - Stunt Tests Alan StewardSilicon Imaging
DivertedAlex ChappleMiroslaw BaszakRED One 4K
RocknrollaGuy RitchieDavid Higgs BSCIconix, Sony HDCAM

TV / Drama

Production Production Company Director of Photography Format
SanditonRed Planet ProductionsDavid RaedekerSony Venice
Wild Bill42/Anonymous Content/Shiver/ITVBalazs Bolygo H.S.C., B.S.CSony Venice
The RookLionsgateP.J. Dillion I.S.C., Balazs Bolygo H.S.C., B.S.C., Gavin Struthers B.S.C., David Raedeker, Oliver CurtisPanavision DXL2
Victoria's Secrets Fashion Show London 2014Done & DustedNic SadlerArri Alexa XT DnxHD/Canon C300
24: Live Another Day (2nd Unit Dailies)FoxArri Alexa Prores
Game of ThronesHBOGerry VasbenterArri Alexa HD, HDCAMSR & SxS
Live From Abbey RoadLive From Abbey Road/Channel 4Kelvin Richard, Geoff Harrison BSCPanasonic HDX900, Canon ENG, PRO35


Production Production Company Director of Photography Format
Dunkin DonutsSmith & JonesDick Pope BSCArri Alexa XT
Nissan Best in the GalaxyThe Good FilmTobias SchliesslerArri Alexa Mini
Now TVBiscuitEd WildRED Weapon Dragon in 5K
Sainsbury's Easter 2015RSA FilmsDan HollandArri Alexa XT, Codex Actioncam
The Climate Change CoalitionRSA FilmsDan HollandArri Alexa XT Anamorphic
JeepCaviarIgor Jadue-LiloRed Epic Dragon in 6K
IcelandKream CommunicationsEd WildRED Epic Dragon in 5K
Sainsbury's Christmas 2014Rattling StickAlwin Küchler BSCArri Alexa XT
Target AltuzarraSpring Fashion FilmDarius Khondji AFC, ASCArri Alexa XT
OasisBlink FilmsToby HowellSony F23
IRN BRUThe Gate FilmsRichard MottArri Alexa Prores, Cooke S4
Jaguar XK-RS (Camera Operator)Tangerine FilmsTim GreenWeisscam HS-2, Cooke S4
Jaguar Clay (1st AC/Operator)Tangerine FilmsTim GreenWeisscam HS-2, Cooke S4, Canon 5Dm2
Sony Football - 3D (DIT/3D Playback)Academy FilmsMarcel ZyskindSony P1, RED One 4K, Phantom HD, Qtake HD Playback
Nike - Write the FutureIndependent / Anonymous ContentEmmanuel Lubezki ASC, AMCCanon 5Dmk2, Canon 7D, various Minicams
Doctor Who 2010 3D PromoRed Bee MediaPhantom HD 3D, Sony F35
Red Bull X-Fighters (2nd AC/DIT)RSA FilmsMark PattenPanavision Genesis
Green DaySteam, Motion & Sound Nick BennettRED One 4K
Jaguar XJ (1st AC)Tangerine FilmsSteve AlbinsRED One 4K
Royal Australian Navy (1st AC)Renegade FilmsNigel BluckSilicon Imaging
Jaguar XK-R/XF-R (2nd AC)Tangerine FilmsSteve AlbinsRED One 4K
British Heart Foundation (Camera Technician)RSA FilmsDavid Higgs BSCSilicon Imaging
Nike - Take it to the Next Level Independent / Anonymous ContentDavid Higgs BSCSilicon Imaging
Dancing on IceNine Network AustraliaDavid Higgs BSCPanasonic Varicam, Arri 16SR3
Dell ComputerWalkabout FilmsAllen Daviau ASCSony F900


Equipment for Hire // SUPER 16 FILM // ARRI 416 Super 16 Camera kit with 3 Magazines, 3 batteries, Video Tap, TRANSVIDEO Starlite 4", ARRI RCU-1 // Angenieux 7-81mm S16 Zoom Lens // ARRI Zeiss Ultra16 6mm T1.3 S16 Lens // CENTURY Steadytester // DIGITAL // BLACKMAGIC URSA Mini PL 4.6K Camera kit with batteries // DIGITAL STILLS // LEICA M Monochrom Black & White Digital // 16mm f8 Zeiss Holgon // 21mm f4.5 Zeiss Biogon // 28mm f5.6 Summaron // 35mm f2 Summicron // 50mm f1.1 Voightlander // HASSELBLAD X1D with // 30mm f3.5, 45mm f3.5, 90mm f3.2, 150mm f3.5 Lenses // FUJI XT2 APS-C Digital // FILM STILLS // HASSELBLAD 500C // HASSELBLAD SWC-M Superwide // Modern Zeiss lenses - 150mm f4 T* (2002), 1960’s era Zeiss lenses - 50mm f4 (manufactured 1962), 80mm f2.8 (1964), 150mm f4 (1966), 250mm f5.6 (1968) // HASSELBLAD Mounts for PL, LEICA S, LEICA R, FUJI X // OTHER PL MOUNT Lenses // Lensbaby 3G PL, PETZVAL 85mm T2.3 // TECHNOVISION Geared Head // MILLER ARROW-X Head & Carbon Fibre Tripod // Optimator PL Mount Depth Check // CAMERA RIGS // POV Camera Helmet, designed & built for the 2008 ‘Nike Take it to the Next Level’ commercial, as used on commercials for the British Heart Foundation & Royal Australian Navy. Originally designed for use with the Silicon Imaging SI-2K Camera, it’s suitable for small cameras such as the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera, Fuji XT-2, Sony A7 // MONITORS // Sony OLED PVM-A170 17” Monitor // Video Devices PIX-E5/E7 5” 7" Monitor/Recorders // 4 x Fujifilm IS-Mini, Pomfort LIVEGRADE Colour Correction Software, Videohub // Lightmeter & Pan Glass Kit - SEKONIC L-858 Spot/incident Lightmeter, SEKONIC C-700R Spectrometer/Colourmeter, PENTAX Digital Spotmeter, MINOLTA V Spot/Incident, MINOLTA IV Incident, MINOLTA Color Meter II // NEARSET DATA // Data Management & Dailies package - comprising Apple Mac Pro, Red Rocket-X, Pomfort Silverstack Lab, Davinci Resolve Studio 14, Eizo Calibrated CG248 UHD & CG247 24" Monitors, 8TB RAID, G-Tech Red MiniMag Readers // TIMECODE // 3 x AMBIENT Nano Lockits, Tiny Lockit Boxes