Henry Landgrebe photo

Henry Landgrebe

Focus Puller / 1st AC

Henry has over 17 years industry experience having started his career as a Camera Prep for Arri Media before establishing himself as a successful 2nd AC. He then progressed to Focus Puller working on features, TV dramas, commercials and promos.

With his eye firmly fixed on the future, Henry completed the GBCT Steadicam course and now steps up to Operate B camera and Steadicam. He has now just completed his first feature operating A Camera and doing Steadicam.

Bases in London, Bristol & Wales.

Steadicam & Operating Credits

Production Director of Photography Additional Information
ZOHO Richard StewartSteadicam
Qualcomm - Lewis Hamilton ( TVC)Richard StewartSteadicam
Last of England (TVC)Svere SordalSteadicam
Love Story (Short)John LindquistSteadicam
Black Dog (Pilot)Rasmus HasleSteadicam
Lands End (Short)Ben ToddSteadicam
Andy Murray - HEAD (TVC)Simon ThorpA Camera Operator/Steadicam
Tommy Hilfiger (TVC)Kwame LeStradeSteadicam
Gatecrash - Feature FilmMark NutkinsA Camera Operator/Steadicam
They wait for Us (Short)Ben WearingSteadicam
S G Lewis (Promo)Ahmet HusseyinSteadicam
David Beckham -Biotherm (TVC)Richard StewartSteadicam / B Camera
Vanilla Sunday (Short)Amir MoulfiSteadicam
The Fighter (Short)Jann DeoppertSteadicam/B Camera/Additional photography
Cry (Short)Matt WolfeSteadicam/B Camera
Faith (Short)Natalie PittersSteadicam
Video Blue - Dusk Moves (Pop Promo)Dave Bird Steadicam
Small City (LB feature)Mike SimpsonSteadicam
Expiry Date (Short)Angela NeilSteadicam
The Bear (Short)Korsshan SchlauerSteadicam
The Composer (Short)Darren BraggSteadicam
Home Fatal (Short)Amet HusseinSteadicam
Host (LB Feature)Dougie Milsome BSC ASCSteadicam (Dallies)
We Love Mosses (Short)Ruben Woodin DechampsSteadicam
Camalot The Lottery (TVC)Mattieus NybergB Camera
Sexy Lexy (Short)Daniel BlackOperator
Under Armour (TVC)Ollie VerschoyleSteadicam
Hinterland Series 2 (Drama)Rory TaylorB Camera Operator
Hinterland Series 2 (Drama)Mattias NybergB Camera Operator
Lemar (Promo)Richard StewartOperator
Head & Shoulders (TVC)Ollie VerschoyleB Camera Operator
Cinema Francais (Short)Harry BuckSteadicam
Clean Sheets (Short)Dave BirdSteadicam

Feature Films

Production Director of Photography Additional Information
Teen SpiritAutumn ArkapawAlexa /PV C Series Anamorphics
The Death and Life of John F DonavanAndre TurpinArri 765/ Arricam ST/LT/435
Trainspotting 2Antony Dodd Mantle DFF, ASC, BSCARRI Alexa/Flare/Simacron
Rogue One STAR WARSGreig Fraser ASC, ACSARRI 65mm, PV 70mm, Primo Anamorphic
Deep Water Eric Gaultier AFCARRICAM ST /LT /435, Aaton Penelope
Heart of the SeaAnthony Dod Mantle DFF, ASC, BSCMinicams Operator
NobleTrevor Forrest2nd Unit, ARRCAM LT
Two Faces of JanuaryMarcel ZyskindARRI Alexa
Zero Dark ThirtyGreig Fraser ASC, ACSARRI Alexa
TrishnaMarcel ZyskindARRI Alexa
Brilliant LoveSimon TindallRED Epic
SalvageSimon TindallFormat - HD
Four Lions Lol Crawley BSCDailies, Sony 900
A Might Heart Marcel Zyskind1 week, Sony 750
Trance (A Camera)Anthony Dodd Mantle BSC2nd AC / 1st AC Simon Tindall
Hyde Park on HudsonLol Crawley BSC2nd AC / 1st AC Derrick Peters
The Iron Lady (A Camera)Elliot Davis2nd AC / 1st AC Simon Tindall
The Deep Blue SeaFlorian Hoffmeister2nd AC / 1st AC Rupert Hornstein
Warhose (2nd Unit Dailies)Simon Baker2nd AC / 1st AC Simon Tindall
Salmon Fishing in the YemenTerry Stacey ASC2nd AC / 1st AC Simon Tindall
The Boys are BackGreig Fraser ASC, ACS2nd AC / 1st AC Simon Tindall
The Queen (B Camera)Alphonso Beato ASC2nd AC / 1st AC Simon Tindall
Alien Autopsy (B Camera)Simon Chaudoir2nd AC / 1st AC John Evans
GoalMarcel Zyskind2nd AC / 1st AC Simon Tindall
If OnlyGiles Nuttgens2nd AC / 1st AC Ian Clark
The MotherAlwyn Kucher BSC2nd AC / 1st AC Olly Tellet
Calendar Girl (Dailies) Ashely Rowe BSC2nd AC/ 1st AC Steve Laws

TV / Dramas

Production Director of Photography Additional Information
Doctor Foster Series 2Ben WheelerArri Alexa
Hinterland Simon Tindall / Mattias Nyberg/Rory Taylor/Stuart BiddlecombeBlocks 1-4, ARRI Alexa
Some GirlsGreg DuffieldARRI Alexa
The Midnight BeastBen WheelerARRI Alexa
The TripBen Smithard BSCPanasonic 3700
The Power of ThreeRichard StewartFormat - 16mm
The Lives of ArtistsEd Wild / Dan TrappFormat - 16mm
The PassionTony Miller2nd AC / 1st AC Ralph Ramsden
The Street (Dailies)Daf Hobson BSC2nd AC / 1st AC Martin Scanlan
The English Harem (B Camera)Daf Hobson BSC2nd AC / 1st AC Jim Scott
Miss Marple (B Camera)Nic Knowland BSC2nd AC / 1st AC Steve Wallace
MessiahDaf Hobson BSC2nd AC / 1st AC Ralph Ramsden
Early Doors 1Daf Hobson BSC2nd AC / 1st AC Ralph Ramsden

Commercials & Promos

Production Director of Photography Additional Information
WheatabixAutumn ArkapawSweetshop
David Beckham - Kent & CurwenUla Pontikos BSCSparklebop
Ellie GouldingRichard StewartAmmolite
GalaxyEric Gaultier AFCMJZ
Calvin KleinTyrone LeBonnSparklebop
Hunter Simon TindallIndustry Art
London & PartnersEdward Lindsley2AM
PanteneSimon TindallRSA Films
London & PartnersEdward Lindsley2AM
DeadpoolEdward lindsleyMob Films
Hewlitt PackardEric Gaultier AFCBiscuit Filmworks
McDonaldsMatthias KoenigswieserCommercial - 35mm
LufthansaMarcel ZyskindCommercial - ARRI Alexa
Dutch RailwaysMarcel ZyskindCommercial - RED Epic
O2Marcel ZyskindCommercial - ARRI Studio
Weight WatchersMarcel ZyskindCommercial - RED Epic
WaitroseLuke CardiffCommercial - RED Epic
The Diploma 'That's a Wrap'Richard StewartCommercial - 16mm
Cesare PacoittiRichard StewartCommercial - 35mm
Johnnie WalkerRichard StewartCommercial - 16mm
De Beers DiamondsRichard StewartCommercial - 16mm
SainsburysLuke CardiffCommercial - HD
Philadelphia Luke CardiffCommercial - HD
RBSRichard StewartCommercial - 16mm
Weight WatchersRichard StewartCommercial - 16mm
BentleyRichard StewartCommercial - 16mm
Burtons SnowboardsRichard StewartCommercial - 16mm
Pizza HutStuart GrahamCommercial - 35mm
PatagoniaRichard StewartCommercial - 16mm
Arcade FireLol Crawley BSCPromo - ARRI Alexa
Ned SheridanRichard StewartPromo - ARRI Alexa
LemarRichard StewartPromo - 116mm
Kids in Glass HousesDann TrappPromo - RED Epic
GoldhawksRichard StewartPromo - 16mm
FragmaRichard StewartPromo - 35mm
Martin Ten HeldenRichard StewartPromo - 16mm
AirtraffickRichard StewartPromo - 16mm


Production Director of Photography Additional Information
HoneysuckleSimon TindallARRI Alexa
Betus Beata BeautumTritan ChenaisFormat - 35mm
KivitoqMarcel ZyskindFormat - 16mm
Two EvacueesSimon ThorpeRED Epic
WhitelandsSimon TindallRED Epic
A Bad Night for the BluesSimon TindallSony 900


-Preston FIZ 3 with Microforce bracket -Tv Logic 5.6 inch Assistants HD monitor with batteries -Steadicam GPI PRO Rig -Pro 3 post/sled/battery stage - Pro Arm - Tiffen LX Vest - Stand and docking bracket - 9 x AB Gold mount batteries - 8 inch Small HD monitor -Magliner Senior