Craig Porter  photo

Craig Porter

Focus Puller / 1st AC

Craig is an experienced member of the camera department with a vast knowledge of all things film and digital. Having worked his way up through the industry from a trainee, Craig is into his seventh year as a 1st AC after working as a Clapper Loader for 8 years.

Focusing completely on the future he strives to be up to date with all new technologies as well as keeping a firm hand on his film past.

London, Nottingham, Dublin and Galway.

Feature Films

Production Production Company Director of Photography Additional Information
AVCO (Star Wars Doco)Passion PicturesIan LiggettFocus Puller / Arri Amira
Tommys HonourTH LtdGary ShawFocus Puller, Daillies / Arri Alexa Mini
The Lady in a VanVan ProductionsAndrew DunnFocus Puller, Dailies / ARRI Alexa XT
Paddington BearMarmalade FilmsErik Wilson / John SorapureFocus Puller 2nd Unit, Dailies / ARRi Alexa XT
A Hundred StreetsOne Square MilePhilipp Blaubach Focus Puller, Dailies / ARRi Alexa XT
Betsy & LeonardIron Box FilmsLuke BryantFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
LaterNimble PicturesLuke BryantFocus Puller / RED Cam
The Selfish GiantSelfish Giant Film LtdMike Eley BSCFocus Puller, Dailies / ARRi Alexa
The World's EndBlank PicturesJake Polonsky Clapper Loader, Dailies / ARRI LT 16mm SR3
Red 2R2 ProductionsEnrique ChediakClapper Loader, Dailies / ARRI ST 35mm
Still LifeStill Life LtdStefano FaliveveClapper Loader / ARRI Alexa Studio
What If (Feature Short)Poetry FilmsPhilipp Blaubach 2nd Assistant Camera / RED Epic
The Stone Roses / Made in Stone (Live Gig/Documentary)Warp 1989Laurie Rose2nd Assistant Camera / Sony F3
The VeteranDMK ProductionsPhilipp BlaubachClapper Loader B Cam, Dailies / ARRI ST 35mm
Private PeacefulFluidity FilmsJerzy ZielinskiClapper Loader B Cam / ARRI 416 Super 16mm
The Damned UnitedDamned United LtdBen Smithard BSCClapper Loader A Cam / ARRI ST/LT & 435 35mm
Hard ShoulderHS Productions Steven PriovolosClapper Loader A Cam / Platinum G2 35mm
4-3-2-14321 LtdFranco PezzinoClapper Loader A Cam / ARRI ST/LT 35mm

TV / Drama

Production Production Company Director of Photography Additional Information
Chewing GumRetortLuke BryantFocus Puller, Pick Up Block, Arri Alexa Mini
The LevelLevel ProductionsBen WheelerFocus Puller, Dailies / Arri Alexa Mini
GuiltLionsgateGraham FrakeFocus Puller, Dailies / Panasonic Varicam
ZappedBaby CowPete RoweFocus Puller, Dailies / Arri Amira
Two Doors DownBBC ScotlandSarah Bartles-SmithFocus Puller, Dailies / Arri Amira
UndercoverBBCStephan PhrssonFocus Puller, Dailies / Arri Alexa
WifeMainstreetCraig FeatherFocus Puller, Dailies / Arri Alexa
Doctor WhoBBCStuart BiddlecombeA Cam Focus Puller / Arri Alexa Plus
Asylum2LE MediaJohn SorapureFocus Puller, Dailies / ARRI Alexa
HumansKudosSteven HallFocus Puller 2nd Unit / ARRI Alexa
Black Mirror 3House of TomorrowSteven HallFocus Puller, Pick Ups / ARRI Alexa
NurseBBCJohn SorapureFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Big School 2King Bert ProductionsJohn SorapureFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Count Arthur StrongRetort / FreemantleBill BroomfieldFocus Puller / Sony F900
Over to BillBaby CowEd MooreFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Topsy & TimDarrel McQueenSimon RaeyFocus Puller / Sony F3
The IT Crowd - Final EpisodeRetortBill BroomfieldFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
The WalshesBoom PicturesBill BroomfieldFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Casualty - S37BBCPStuart BiddlecombeFocus Puller, Dailies / ARRI Alexa
The Secret of Crickly HallBBC DramaPeter Greenhalgh BSCFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Stella - Block 1Tidy ProductionsIan MossFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Death In ParadiseRed Planet Nick Dance 2nd AC B Cam
Parade's EndMammoth ScreenMike Eley BSC2nd AC B Cam, Dailies / ARRI Alexa
Spooks - S9KudosIain AdrianClapper Loader / ARRI SR3
Cranford IIBBCBen Smithard BSC2nd AC A Cam / Sony F35
A Short Stay in Switzerland BBCBen Smithard BSC2nd AC / PV Genesis
Harley StreetCarnivalPeter Greenhalgh BSC2nd AC / Sony F900 + PRO 35
Diary of Anne FrankBBCIan Moss2nd AC / Sony F900 + PRO 35

Commercials / Promos

Production Production Company Director of Photography Additional Information
Robinsons - Wimbledon PromoIris WorldwideThomas HoleFocus Puller / Arri Alexa Mini
Beats - SportsOliver AgencyJames DavisFocus Puller / Arri Amira
Adidas FitnessEpicTVCharlie GraingerFocus Puller / Arri Amira
Last Leg in Rio PromoAllianzTim SuttonFocus Puller / Arri Alexa Mini
Auto TraderAFCSam GoldieFocus Puller / Arri Alexa
MercedesAMVBBDOSteve GrayFocus Puller / Arri Amira
Bad Robots - No Way OutBad Robots LtdCraig PorterDOP / ARRI SR3
Baker Brothers at The Opera HousePeddler MusicCraig PorterDOP / DSR750
We Are The Ocean - Waiting RoomFactory FilmsLouise MurphyCamera Operator / Canon 5D MK2
Dunhill - SailingJust SOLuke BryantCamera Operator / Canon C300
Carlton TVCCelticChristopher BrunnerFocus Puller / ARRI XT Plus
Magic FMBray LeinoBen SpenceFocus Puller / RED Epic Dragon
ConfidenteHungrymanBen SpenceFocus Puller / Sony F5
Camelot TVCKindredLuke BryantFocus Puller / Phantom Flex
The Slow Mo GuysPark VillageLuke BryantFocus Puller / Phantom Flex
Voyages SNCFHungrymanBen SpenceFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Samsung - Dream the Blues24 ProductionsBen SpenceFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
David Gray 'Back into the World'Black LabelMonty WhitebloomFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Gift Gaff 'Tiny Bangs'Guerrilla VisionLuke BryantFocus Puller / Phantom Flex
Scouting for Girls 'Without You'GeneratorSara DeaneFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Mark Hole ' Torture Garden'MH LtdHamish Doyne-DitmasFocus Puller / Sony F3
Weightwatchers - LifeSaatchiHamish Doyne-DitmasFocus Puller / Canon
You've Pulled.comNavalgazingLuke BryantFocus Puller / Canon 5D MK2
Cadbury's Dance OffStink DigitalSara DeaneFocus Puller / Canon 5D MK2
Mark Hole 'Dirty Base' MH LtdHamish Doyne-DitmasFocus Puller / RED One

Shorts & Other Work

Production Production Company Director of Photography Additional Information
PortalOnline FilmCraig PorterDOP / ARRI Alexa
FelicityBurke FilmsBrian StrangeCamera Operator / Canon 5D MK2
A Price Worth PayingPWP LtdLuke BryantFocus Puller / RED MX
A Very Important CakeJKSLuke BryantFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa


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