Craig Porter  photo

Craig Porter

Focus Puller / 1st AC

Craig is an experienced member of the camera department with a vast knowledge of all things film and digital. Having worked his way up through the industry from a trainee, Craig is into his sixth year as a 1st AC after working as a Clapper Loader for 8 years.

Focusing completely on the future he strives to be up to date with all new technologies as well as keeping a firm hand on his film past.

London based, as well as Nottingham, Dublin and Galway.

Feature Films

Production Production Company Director of Photography Additional Information
AVCO (Star Wars Doco)Passion PicturesIan LiggettFocus Puller / Arri Amira
Tommys HonourTH LtdGary ShawFocus Puller, Daillies / Arri Alexa Mini
The Lady in a VanVan ProductionsAndrew DunnFocus Puller, Dailies / ARRI Alexa XT
Paddington BearMarmalade FilmsErik Wilson / John SorapureFocus Puller 2nd Unit, Dailies / ARRi Alexa XT
A Hundred StreetsOne Square MilePhilipp Blaubach Focus Puller, Dailies / ARRi Alexa XT
Betsy & LeonardIron Box FilmsLuke BryantFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
LaterNimble PicturesLuke BryantFocus Puller / RED Cam
The Selfish GiantSelfish Giant Film LtdMike Eley BSCFocus Puller, Dailies / ARRi Alexa
The World's EndBlank PicturesJake Polonsky Clapper Loader, Dailies / ARRI LT 16mm SR3
Red 2R2 ProductionsEnrique ChediakClapper Loader, Dailies / ARRI ST 35mm
Still LifeStill Life LtdStefano FaliveveClapper Loader / ARRI Alexa Studio
What If (Feature Short)Poetry FilmsPhilipp Blaubach 2nd Assistant Camera / RED Epic
The Stone Roses / Made in Stone (Live Gig/Documentary)Warp 1989Laurie Rose2nd Assistant Camera / Sony F3
The VeteranDMK ProductionsPhilipp BlaubachClapper Loader B Cam, Dailies / ARRI ST 35mm
Private PeacefulFluidity FilmsJerzy ZielinskiClapper Loader B Cam / ARRI 416 Super 16mm
The Damned UnitedDamned United LtdBen Smithard BSCClapper Loader A Cam / ARRI ST/LT & 435 35mm
Hard ShoulderHS Productions Steven PriovolosClapper Loader A Cam / Platinum G2 35mm
4-3-2-14321 LtdFranco PezzinoClapper Loader A Cam / ARRI ST/LT 35mm

TV / Drama

Production Production Company Director of Photography Additional Information
Chewing GumRetortLuke BryantFocus Puller, Pick Up Block, Arri Alexa Mini
The LevelLevel ProductionsBen WheelerFocus Puller, Dailies / Arri Alexa Mini
GuiltLionsgateGraham FrakeFocus Puller, Dailies / Panasonic Varicam
ZappedBaby CowPete RoweFocus Puller, Dailies / Arri Amira
Two Doors DownBBC ScotlandSarah Bartles-SmithFocus Puller, Dailies / Arri Amira
UndercoverBBCStephan PhrssonFocus Puller, Dailies / Arri Alexa
WifeMainstreetCraig FeatherFocus Puller, Dailies / Arri Alexa
Doctor WhoBBCStuart BiddlecombeA Cam Focus Puller / Arri Alexa Plus
Asylum2LE MediaJohn SorapureFocus Puller, Dailies / ARRI Alexa
HumansKudosSteven HallFocus Puller 2nd Unit / ARRI Alexa
Black Mirror 3House of TomorrowSteven HallFocus Puller, Pick Ups / ARRI Alexa
NurseBBCJohn SorapureFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Big School 2King Bert ProductionsJohn SorapureFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Count Arthur StrongRetort / FreemantleBill BroomfieldFocus Puller / Sony F900
Over to BillBaby CowEd MooreFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Topsy & TimDarrel McQueenSimon RaeyFocus Puller / Sony F3
The IT Crowd - Final EpisodeRetortBill BroomfieldFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
The WalshesBoom PicturesBill BroomfieldFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Casualty - S37BBCPStuart BiddlecombeFocus Puller, Dailies / ARRI Alexa
The Secret of Crickly HallBBC DramaPeter Greenhalgh BSCFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Stella - Block 1Tidy ProductionsIan MossFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Death In ParadiseRed Planet Nick Dance 2nd AC B Cam
Parade's EndMammoth ScreenMike Eley BSC2nd AC B Cam, Dailies / ARRI Alexa
Spooks - S9KudosIain AdrianClapper Loader / ARRI SR3
Cranford IIBBCBen Smithard BSC2nd AC A Cam / Sony F35
A Short Stay in Switzerland BBCBen Smithard BSC2nd AC / PV Genesis
Harley StreetCarnivalPeter Greenhalgh BSC2nd AC / Sony F900 + PRO 35
Diary of Anne FrankBBCIan Moss2nd AC / Sony F900 + PRO 35

Commercials / Promos

Production Production Company Director of Photography Additional Information
Robinsons - Wimbledon PromoIris WorldwideThomas HoleFocus Puller / Arri Alexa Mini
Beats - SportsOliver AgencyJames DavisFocus Puller / Arri Amira
Adidas FitnessEpicTVCharlie GraingerFocus Puller / Arri Amira
Last Leg in Rio PromoAllianzTim SuttonFocus Puller / Arri Alexa Mini
Auto TraderAFCSam GoldieFocus Puller / Arri Alexa
MercedesAMVBBDOSteve GrayFocus Puller / Arri Amira
Bad Robots - No Way OutBad Robots LtdCraig PorterDOP / ARRI SR3
Baker Brothers at The Opera HousePeddler MusicCraig PorterDOP / DSR750
We Are The Ocean - Waiting RoomFactory FilmsLouise MurphyCamera Operator / Canon 5D MK2
Dunhill - SailingJust SOLuke BryantCamera Operator / Canon C300
Carlton TVCCelticChristopher BrunnerFocus Puller / ARRI XT Plus
Magic FMBray LeinoBen SpenceFocus Puller / RED Epic Dragon
ConfidenteHungrymanBen SpenceFocus Puller / Sony F5
Camelot TVCKindredLuke BryantFocus Puller / Phantom Flex
The Slow Mo GuysPark VillageLuke BryantFocus Puller / Phantom Flex
Voyages SNCFHungrymanBen SpenceFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Samsung - Dream the Blues24 ProductionsBen SpenceFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
David Gray 'Back into the World'Black LabelMonty WhitebloomFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Gift Gaff 'Tiny Bangs'Guerrilla VisionLuke BryantFocus Puller / Phantom Flex
Scouting for Girls 'Without You'GeneratorSara DeaneFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa
Mark Hole ' Torture Garden'MH LtdHamish Doyne-DitmasFocus Puller / Sony F3
Weightwatchers - LifeSaatchiHamish Doyne-DitmasFocus Puller / Canon
You've Pulled.comNavalgazingLuke BryantFocus Puller / Canon 5D MK2
Cadbury's Dance OffStink DigitalSara DeaneFocus Puller / Canon 5D MK2
Mark Hole 'Dirty Base' MH LtdHamish Doyne-DitmasFocus Puller / RED One

Shorts & Other Work

Production Production Company Director of Photography Additional Information
PortalOnline FilmCraig PorterDOP / ARRI Alexa
FelicityBurke FilmsBrian StrangeCamera Operator / Canon 5D MK2
A Price Worth PayingPWP LtdLuke BryantFocus Puller / RED MX
A Very Important CakeJKSLuke BryantFocus Puller / ARRI Alexa


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